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Eli had a restful night last night, his nurse told me this morning.

I got a few good news updates when called this morning. The central line issue has been resolved. The X-ray showed the line un-coiled with the latest tiny tug. His doctor says it is still close enough to his heart for him to receive the optimal intravenous baby nutrition, which is called TPN (total parenteral nutrition). That will make him feel fuller than the nutrition he received while doctors and nurses worked on placing his line correctly. I’m happy about that, since the thought of my son feeling hungry in a NICU is torture. However, his hunger is a good sign that his stomach is emptying right, too.

Other good news is that his swollen small intestine emptied. A lot. About 165 grams worth of poo since he had a procedure done yesterday morning to clear it out. The surgery team came by on morning rounds and they were very happy with the outcome, the nurse reports.

More good news is that Eli will have the tube down his throat that helps suction his tummy removed, since doctors thing he doesn’t need it any more and that everything is moving down, like gravity intended it to.

The plan today is for baby to rest. He’ll receive another X-ray to see how/if the swelling of his small intestine, which puffs up his tummy, has gone down.

Eli-Dec-8-2012 from Juliana Keeping on Vimeo.

My plan is to rest, too. I may try to go to the hospital, but I’m going to wait and see how I am later today cold/mystery illness-wise. If I get that weak/rundown feeling in the evening like I did yesterday I’m going to stay away from Eli and his roomie Teeny baby. Please give good thoughts to Teeny baby and his mom. She’s in there every day, is tearful, and can only touch him with gloves through holes in his big blue bubble house.

Laila and I might go out and look for a little mobile for little man’s hospital nest at our favorite place…Target. We might also print out a few pics to put up around his bed, since he could still be there for a week or two. Hanging out with her feels good. She got into bed with me this morning, hugged my head, patted me on the cheek and whispered “You need a haircut.”

Grandma Chris loves going to the hospital to sit with Eli, which is really nice. She’s also done a little exploring while I’ve been away and discovered a Ronald McDonald House with free stuff like snacks, meals and coffee, a place for Laila to play and showers. It’s open for us to use as long as Eli’s being seen at Children’s. She snagged an adorable yellow-white knit hat from the Ronald McDonald House for little man and will be sending a pic of him in it today. I’m going to guess the rent’s pretty high at the hospital so the discovery of anything free is pretty exciting. Grandma’s here until Sunday.

Mark is a public school teacher here in OKC. He went back to work this week. Since his mom is in town we decided he better finish the semester and save those sick days, since Eli will need a second surgery.

Nurse Cathy has been taking care of Eli this week. I like her. She’s attentive and efficient. She turns Eli a lot so he doesn’t get an unattractive case of baby flathead. She kind of flits over him in a very caring way. Teeny baby and Eli really kept her busy yesterday.  Eli’s 165 grams of poo after his procedure, in part, came out in a baby poo explosion that blew out all over him, poor little man. Nurse Cathy had to clean that all up. She’s been taking care of NICU babies for 16 years. My sister Laura is a nurse anesthetist who works with NICU babies (how convenient is that for my purposes?). I’ll write more about that later, but my point in mentioning that, is that I already had a healthy respect for the nursing profession before Eli’s ordeal. That respect has deepened a lot since my kid got sick. That first day we found out something was wrong, when my emotions were hamburger meat, I got a lot of hugs and Kleenex from nurses.

We are all doing so much better now.


3 thoughts on “Doing just fine

  1. I drove past Taft today and wondered if/when Mark was going back. I bet his students will be glad to see him. Thinking of you guys all the time!


  2. Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Ronnie says:

    Yay!! Blessings, blessings, blessings. Our prayers for Teeny Baby and his Mama also. Go, Eli! Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Cheryl love you!


  3. john ryan says:

    Hello Jampm,
    Interesting Thoughts, I can really see how much time you put into your posts. I’m a blogger too, and I know how difficult it can be to make time for writing sometimes. Bookmarked and will share.
    Catch you again soon!


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