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After four days away recovering from a cold/mystery illness, I’m back at the hospital again. It feels so good to be here. Eli’s ongoing issue with a central line, I learned last night, actually wasn’t resolved as I thought/was told. So for once and for all (I hope), he went to the operating room this morning so his surgical team could place a line from his clavicle area to about one centimeter away from his heart. Through this line he receives nutrition and medicine. This is a relatively small procedure, I’m told my my nurse anesthetist sister Laura. However, no procedure feels small when it’s your one-week-old baby being put to sleep with gas and that Michael Jackson drug. She totally understands this, too. I’m just glad she has the perspective to temper my freak outs. I’ll write more about this line business once I talk to the surgeons later. He came out of the procedure wonderfully and the line is in place.

Here we are at the hospital on 12.1412.

Here we are at the hospital on 12.1412.

The plan today is for an X-ray to see whether the contrast dye from the enema procedure of the other day moved on out, and for him to be given a little Pedialyte. Eli is rooting around like crazy, chewing on his blankie, looking for real food like a desperate little man. If he tolerates the Pedialyte and it is properly absorbed by his intestine as it moves on through, they’ll next give him a little breast milk. I’m not sure about a timeline on that next step, but I hope it’s soon. He wants to eat like any new baby does. In poo news, his poo is coming out his tummy bag brown instead of green meconium. That could be a sign that months of meconium build up is all cleared out, but I’m not really sure. It’s a good sign, whatever the reason, the nurse practitioner said. Twice so far, when I’ve gotten an update, I’ve recorded the conversation. I explained that I’m a journalist by trade, I like to learn, I forget everything medical as soon as I’m told and I like to keep detailed notes on my own kid. Taking notes of any kind is completely weird for any normal social interaction to be sure. This is an odd situation, though, and mommy, like all journos, is a little goofy, so she doesn’t really care if people realize it, since it’s true.

I thought I’d share a few pics I snapped around Children’s Memorial at OU Medical Center today. It’s a beautiful hospital. I didn’t have time to grab breakfast so I found the Ronald McDonald House family room, where the eats are free. It’s only a floor down from Eli’s room and it is so peaceful. The hospital cafeteria, on the other hand, annoys me. I don’t like the food and it’s hard to find anything healthy. In the Ronald McDonald room, you can make cereal, toast, sandwiches, etc. They even have organic milk, which I’m a stickler for. Laila, Grandma Chris and Mark can eat here too. Laila and Grandma swung by this afternoon so Chris could see Eli and Laila could play here. Laila loved it and didn’t want to leave. Santa Claus stopped by to see her, too. She is obsessed with Santa but got a little tongue tied when he appeared out of nowhere to say hello and ask what she wanted for Christmas. She whispered “Dora’s house” in the smallest voice I’ve heard out of her in a while.


3 thoughts on “Back at Children’s Memorial

  1. We, the people of the newsroom, have been thinking of you guys. Everyone is sending good vibes 🙂


  2. mandy says:

    I think it is great and very important that you are taking notes. J’s mom did that for her mother and I thought it was odd, but they become VERY helpful. Glad you are back and able to hold that guy again 🙂


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