Merry Christmas to all

It’s Christmas and in Oklahoma City it’s begun to snow. Parts of the state have been hit with enough ice to cause multi-car pile-ups. 

For this and many other reasons, I’m happy that we’re so close to Children’s. Mark’s sister and husband are here with their two kids, and we’ll all be going to the hospital today to see wee Eli. Later, we’re going to do a “A Christmas Story” dinner. Peking duck at a Chinese place. 

Christmas this year has been a little different. Mark had to buy Laila’s gifts while he was with Laila at the store. This meant buying a toy kitchen and Dora the Explorer dollhouse at the Toys R Us register without the toys present. An employee snuck the toys to the back of the store before loading them into the van while Mark distracted Laila. It took a little stealthy maneuvering, but he pulled it off. 

We skipped getting each other presents this year. Our gift to eachother: being nice. That and I got him some socks, too…because who doesn’t love socks? 

Little man is doing well, but still stuck in the NICU. Today is his 20th day of life and his 20th day in the hospital. 

He’ll have a procedure on Wednesday to clear out his large intestine (colon), in case there is meconium (baby’a first poo) still stuck in there. I thought this had already been done, but was mistaken. Through the magic of science, the idea is, we’ll feed poo coming out of his small intestine back into his colon. They call his small intestine opening his ileostemy and the large intestine opening the mucous fistula. The two openings on his tummy remind me of a little fat red Lifesavers. His large intestine needs a little training to start working properly.

We won’t know how this works until we can see if his large intestine needs clearing out, or if is obstructed in some other way.  

Wish us luck. 

Merry Christmas!




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