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Good news: Eli’s a poo processing machine once again.

Last night, the nurses measured the poo coming out of his small intestine opening and sucked half of it from his tummy bag into a big plastic syringe. (Warning, poo description forthcoming). His poo is yellow, runny breast milk poo that is somehow less disgusting than that sounds and actually smells about 1/10,000th as disgusting as real people poo.

So they hooked his syringe of poo up to a pump and ran a tube from the syringe to the opening of his colon on his tummy, which is technically called a mucous fistula. Into that they pumped his poo over three hours. As nature intended but through the intervention of science and the universe alone, he finally took a wee man crap.

We’re messing with little man like this in order to train his colon to work right again before he gets his pieces reconnected again a few weeks from now.

I’m going to have to learn to do all this syringe poo pumping at home. Maybe every six hours or so.

Despite his technical difficulties, Eli has turned out to be a tolerant little guy with a pleasant demeanor. He does not scream and fuss regularly. He cries a little bit when you mess with him – like to change his tummy bag out – but who wouldn’t? Other than that, he only lets us know when he’s hungry or wants to be held, and he loves being held. He has recently learned to baby shout to signal to us he wants to eat. I’ll have to record it because this is actually ridiculously cute. I swear he has started to smile when you pick him up and he likes to stare at whoever has him in their arms with his big eyes, which are still that infant-colored slate.

We just want him home so we can hold him all the time.

Hopefully, the way things are going, we could be out of the NICU by Sunday.

I’ve spared Eli the indignity of revealing his poo bag, but what the heck. This is baby in his full glory with a bag full of poo:

Buddy and his poo bag

Buddy and his poo bag

The doo-hicky on his chest is his central line. To the left of his bag is a piece of gauze covering his mucous fistula. The electrode thingies measure his vitals.



One thought on “Poo: all I ever wanted

  1. Chris Ellison says:

    Poo, poo, tee, do! Way to go Eli.

    Sent from my iPad Christine Ellison


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