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Great news – little man’s coming home today.

I have had zero time to write these past few. We moved to a part of children’s called “The Village,” which is nothing like the creepy (and dumb) M. Night Shyamalan movie of the same title. In this part of the hospital parents stay in the room with their baby to learn more about baby’s care. 

I stayed Friday, Mark on Saturday. 

It was really good to be more hands-on with baby’s care. I feel a lot more comfortable with it and we’re both eager to get him home already. His special needs until the next surgery include changing of two poo bags on his tummy openings, pumping poo from a syringe into his colon using a doohicky thing and taking care of his central line. He also needs enzymes in applesauce before every meal, a special vitamin goo and liquid iron. Plus all the regular stuff babies like – being held, being cozy and eating a lot. We can finally give him whatever he wants to eat and I can throw him on the ‘ol milk machines instead of being attached to an actual mechanical milk machine 24/7, which is essentially as time consuming as trying to feed twins. 

His extra care requires a lot of supplies and visits once or more per week from an at-home nurse, which we arranged with the help of the hospital.  

Between all that, taking care of Laila and trying to get our house in order, we’ve been busy. 

THANKFULLY, Grandma Chris is coming back this week to help us. Otherwise Mark’s head would explode. He’s trying to plan for a new semester and two new, extra classes. 

We can’t wait to bring Eli home, say hi to grandma and take care of ‘lil man away from the hospital. It’s worn us down. 

Time to get used to the new normal and keep bubs healthy for his next surgery, which we think will be easier to handle than this shabang.

Wish us luck

In the mean time, I’ve visited Target, best place on earth, for an Ikea-esque shelving system to keep track of Eli’s medical equipment and growing pile of paperwork. Thanks for the gift cards everyone. Your thank you notes will be in the mail at some point in 2013.

Laila was really good at Tarsh after I bribed her with a Skipper doll. I swear good parenting will commence again once things settle down. Maybe Laila will even sleep in her own bed again and learn to go on the porcelain throne one day. One can only hope.


3 thoughts on “Eli to realize he doesn’t live at hospital

  1. Wonderful news! So glad Grandma will be there with extra hands.


  2. Yaaaaaay! Welcome home, Eli!


  3. Kevin & Michelle says:

    He’s just beautiful! So happy to see things progressing! 🙂


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