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I started running again. It’s an effort to avoid head explosion, which would be messy and unfortunate.

I’d say more, except…OMG what happened to Lake Hefner?

Foster's: Australian for drought.

Foster’s: Australian for drought.

Sludge, wee!

Sludge, wee!

Random plastic trash in a dried up lake

Random plastic trash in a dried-up lake

Lake Hefner...sort of

This lake is 10 miles around. That’s a lot of evaporation.


Puddle Hefner

New trash...oi

Ronald surfs on a cup left at the bottom of an evaporated lake.

"Climate change?" Oh that's cute. I'd tell you what I think but my home "dried up" and I'm "dead."

“Climate change?” Oh that’s cute. I’d tell you what I think but my home “dried up” and I’m “dead.”

Dead crawdad and some weeds

Please human, can I have a sip from your water bottle? I’m parched — crawdad exoskeleton



My running partner

My running partner

What an environmental disaster!

Back to me.

I can hardly run two miles, but it feels good to get outdoors. I’ve enlisted my bestie from Texas to run the OKC Memorial Half Marathon in April with me. I’m not going to put money down on those alleged plans just yet.


2 thoughts on “Foster’s: Australian for drought

  1. Carrie Kelly says:

    Julie, First off — I like your ambition to run a half marathon. What a great way to relieve stress. You have a fantastic running partner too 🙂 Every day I am amazed with the journey Eli has taken You, Mark & Laila. Eli has many hidden blessings to everyone who knows him and knows of him. Love you guys!!!


    1. j&m says:

      Thx, Carrie! We love our little buddy. I hope you can visit again some day!!!!!


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