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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Running…so far…is working out.

Here is some proof:

Lake Hefner and a feral cat.

Lake Hefner and a feral cat.

I took that photo after going for a short run at Lake Hefner here in OKC. There are a lot of feral cats who live around the lake. One time I got an angry e-mail from a newspaper reader about the Lake Hefner feral cats. (no idea why she e-mailed me, the mostly violent death reporter, of all people). The reader was a feral-cat-feeding volunteer who was pissed off at the other Lake Hefner cat-feeding volunteers. Apparently, they were giving up on their mission, causing this reader extra distress and gas mileage as she commuted in her tireless mission to feed the cats.

Anyway, while I was running, about five of the feral cats were walking in a row along the lake’s rocks. One of them was cream with brown paws and looked quite artistic against the dark sky. Well, that stunning little cat scampered away as I kneeled to take a pic, of course, so I took one of its companion. I thought it still made a lovely scene.

These days my time entails feeding hungry Eli 24/7, trying to engage wee Laila, allegedly picking up after us, exercising, attempting to cook and organizing buddy boy’s medical stuff. Eli eats like a maniac and I can hardly keep up. He already weighs 9 pounds, 7 ounces, which is good, I think. Twice today, I looked down and realized I was wearing a shirt with a big poo blotch on it. That’s due to buddy’s poo bag, which tends to leak as I hold and/or feed him. Or, for no reason, it just leaks. I will not miss the poo bag. None of us will miss the poo bag.

Mark and Laila modeled the strange infant poo bag marketing materials last night. We are all perfectly sane. Nothing to see here.

Oh, look, my husband and daughter sport poo bag marketing stickers on their faces. This is perfectly normal, I'm sure.

Oh, look, my husband and daughter are instructed to look angry while wearing poo bag marketing stickers on their faces. This is perfectly normal, I’m sure.

Being a mom full time so far is busier than being a journo/mom. If I were at a homicide scene right now, it would feel like a vacation. OK, that sounded terrible. My point is, being at work is busy, but this all feels intense and chaotic. I think that’s on account of little man’s special issues, which I’m only just learning how to navigate. On top of that is the jarring transition of having two babies, not one. During this supposed “time off,” I’m busier than I’ve ever been.

Next up on the list — Because I won’t put Eli in daycare, I’ll need to hire a part-time nanny. Anyone with any advice along those line…send it this way!

In other news, I’m breaking in Christmas cowgirl boots.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.

Yep, this is it.

Yep, this is it.


3 thoughts on “Against the wind

  1. Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Ronnie says:

    First, we continue to be in awe of your strength and I have to say: Love the boots!


    1. j&m says:

      It’s all Gayle. And, thx, I, too, love my boots!


  2. Kathy Hatfield says:

    Love this post, especially all the pictures.


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