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Ah, being at home is nice.

Nice, and busy.

I thought I’d show Eli’s latest Children’s visit in pictures. We were there for six days (I think. It’s a blur) instead of 26.

I’ll write more over the weekend, but I wanted to let everyone know Eli is doing well. He is eating normally and sleeping on a good schedule. I’m amazed by this since he only had surgery a week ago. We had our two-month well baby visit with his pediatrician today. He lost some weight, which makes sense since he just had a big ol gut surgery. He went to the hospital topping 10 pounds but weighs about 9 pounds, 12 ounces now. He poos like a poo factory the good old fashioned way. It’s crazy. Except for his big scar, it’s like nothing ever happened.

Here’s buddy on his latest adventure:


One thought on “Progression

  1. He’s soooooo cute. What a trooper.


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