Dodging bullets

Laila dodged a bullet; she does not have cystic fibrosis.

We are so relieved.

Every time Mark and I make a kid, the child has a one in four chance of having CF, a life-threatening genetic disease that causes mucus to build up in the lungs, pancreas and possibly other organs of the body.

We did not know this until we had our little buddy, Who was born with a life-threatening bowel obstruction related to cf.

Does my daughter have CF? We hooked her up to this machine to find out.
Does my daughter have CF? We hooked her up to this machine to find out.
Laila didn’t display symptoms, like a cough, but she is teensy. Low BMI is an indicator.

Did she have a mild case?

This has been weighing on us.

We waited to test Laila so we could emotionally prepare for the prospect of a second positive cf diagnosis, however unlikely.

Luckily, the test she took today showed a low level of salt (chloride) in her sweat.

People with cf have a higher level if chloride in their sweat than someone who does not have cf.

This looks high 1950
This looks high tech…in 1950

I took a video of Laila’s sweat chloride test in between the parts where she was screaming and throwing herself on the ground.

The video explains s little more about the testing process.

BTW I named the post dodging bullets -plural – after Mark told me there is a bullet hole in the window of one of his classrooms. He moves from room to room because his school is undergoing renovations this semester.

There is no cause for alarm, the regular classroom teacher told him. The bullet hole showed up 2 years ago over a weekend…just a stray, you know, it’s cool.


8 thoughts on “Dodging bullets”

  1. Great job with the video (says someone who’s struggling to do anything more than press “record”) – and the bullet hole thing’s a bit unnerving, to say the least. But I know how relieved you both must feel after doing this test. When I tested for the breast cancer gene, I was terrified…


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