Making seed starters from newspaper…and other things I would normally never attempt

I’ve been meaning to write about a trip we took to St. Louis over the weekend but I keep doing things like making seed starters out of newspaper. I don’t know what’s gotten into me since I kill all green living things.

Before we left I germinated a bunch of sunflower, Zinnia and coleus seeds by wrapping these in wet paper towels and putting them in sealed Ziplock bags on my kitchen windowsill. We came back and some had sprouted. I decided we needed little planters, but ah heck na was I about to pay 15 bucks for a schmancy Peat seed starter thingy from Lowes (especially when these poor plants are doomed by either my hand or the drought).

I’m getting these ideas via Google and Pinterest and my sister, who lives in the pastoral Michigan countryside where it is freezing today.

Eli likes the back yard

I’m motivated because I like finding little projects for Laila and I. She’s almost 3 and her attention span has increased to a good solid minute.

Also, our garden died last year after we spent our hard-earned cash on plants. The little garden was a microcosm of OK natural disasters. A tree fell on it, a flood washed out half of the plants, and by the end, only a few hardy marigolds were left standing. All it needed was an ice storm, wildfire and maybe a tornado to round it out. A wee dustbowl would have been a nice touch.

Oooooh, marigolds….I need to find marigold seeds.

Who is this person?

I’ve had a second child and started nesting in my back yard (or have become cheaper…more practical).

Either way, it’s a new season and a lovely time to make a fresh start, in the OK dirt or otherwise.


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