Eli sounds & sights at 5 months: He hangs with mama, does his PT and looks dapper

I discovered Audioboo today. This could be dangerous. It is a social sound doohicky, which means, I guess, I talk (or I have Eli or Laila talk more likely), and then throw it up on the interwebs for all to hear. It’s a great ap, easy to use on my iPhone and it integrates with blogs & social media with ease. And it’s British so it talks to me in Brit speak. Bonus. The files are called boos. I find this endearing.

In more important news, my buddy Eli is 5 months old today. Here he is on his vest.

After our vest session we had a photo shoot, naturally!


Below is what I came up with using window light, my new Target quilt and throw pillow as a background, my iPhone 4S and Instagram. I take the photos with the iPhone’s normal camera ap and then put the ones I like the most in Instagram. I’ll take like 25 or 30 40-50 shots with buddy in a session like this to get 6 to 10 I like. Insane, I admit, but I never said I wasn’t crazy. The choice of no clothes but his Tarshay diaper was made because the poor fellow is out of clothes except his shabbiest suits until Mark and I catch up on the laundry today this week…ish. Poor child. He’s grown way out of his 3 month stuff, is almost out of 3-6 and we are now heading in to 6-9 territory. He is so much bigger than Laila was. Wee girl was always running far, far behind in sizes compared to whatever baby month range she was supposed to be in. This is still the case. I chatted with a really nice mom of a little man named Asher (who has CF) at our event yesterday. Her other child is 3 and towered over Laila. However, she relayed that he has always been a giant. That made me feel better about Laila being a teensy elf child.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at him, but my husband has unusually strong taste when it comes to things like quilts. The fact we both really like this one is kind of a miracle. Funny story: My little sister and I were talking about Target, happy place, on the phone one day. We couldn’t help but notice how awesome the new Threshold design line is. We discovered we unknowingly purchased the exact same quilt.

I’m going a little nutso on Instagram lately. For those who’ve not heard of it, Instagram is a smart phone ap in which you share your life in pics. I’m over-Instagramming because I discovered good ‘ol Walgreens has a smart phone ap that lets you print your Instagram 4X4s out on really pretty matte paper. This could also be dangerous. You just order in the iPhone ap without having to pay, just like you’ve visited the counter. Make sure to Google first for a Walgreens coupon which will knock a lot off the order. Then you pick your gorgeous pics up in the store and pay at the counter.

If, like me, you are obsessed with smart phones, Target and photographing your children, I thought that all might be a useful bit of info. If not, I have just wasted time in your life that you will never get back.

I hope you like my 5-month photo session with Eli. I’m getting increasingly into iPhone photography. It’s pretty amazing. I wish I had the time and cash to take photography lessons and buy a jazzy jazz hands camera, but I do not. That’s really OK, because I was messing around online last night, and I randomly found some man’s photography blog, and he was all “It’s about the art, not the equipment.” I’m going to go with that. An iPhone is a pretty schmancy thing to have, any way. I’m not complaining. If anyone has tips on making pretty iPhone pics, send them my way!

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