This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Update: Hey y’all. Me here, later in the day. Less delirious. I made a promise to try to blog every day in May, without putting up utter crap. Whoops, sorry! My 20 second review of GMAs eye lash extension piece was crap! Forgive me, I’d just woken up.

I have never blogged with audio before.

I think I have an idea that can meet the demands of daily blogging and the standard of not pushing out utter crap.

Later tonight I’ll get to working on it, I hope. I’m thinking a series of boos (the above sound file), each that ends on a cliffhanger – or just a question, or something unanswered. As life happens, we usually don’t have all the answers. Words plus boos. Together, each little piece will tell a a part of a story. At the end of each open-ended sound /word adventure, I’ll write the whole piece. I need to figure out how to categorize these so it’s easy to follow each story. Our lives are full of mini-dramas.

You like that idea? Thanks, I stole it all by myself. Well, my sister helped.

I don’t have time to read many other blogs, but my little sister pointed out one that does something similar regarding cliffhangers. I looked her up. That writer uses words, not sound. I will recall her site later and provide a link. My five-minute impression was that she was a very clever woman and a funny writer! I would have loved to have stayed a long, long while.

Sometimes, I’ll just post life updates here. I have quite a few on Eli’s growth and development.

It’s been a trip trying to figure out how to keep feeding a story I care about – The world at large is inspiration, but I’m primarily motivated by a desire to help my family and son, Eli, spread awareness about Eli’s illness, cystic fibrosis.

It is difficult to stop doing this. It’s not an option. Yet it is also hard to keep going. When you commit to online publishing — I think I have — you are committing to feeding something with a short attention span and a never-ending appetite.

Yet, I do not have the luxury of having hours to think and write. I hardly have time to sleep, or get the laundry done! I an a wife, a mom to my babies and a working person.

Wait, where’s my personal assistant? My Downton Abbey staff? Oh yeah, those things don’t exist. It’s just Mark and I and our wee bbs, who rely on us for everything.

I don’t have time to sit in the shade of my dead tree sipping wine and pecking away at my keyboard.

So maybe my sound-story idea will pan out, maybe it won’t. I could fail, fall flat on my face and make an idiot of myself. Oh well. At least I’ll have given it the old college try.

Hmmm, this new idea scares me. I feel vulnerable and exposed. Yep, normal.

Onward we go.




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