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Me again.

Here is the Facebook afterlife, Part 2.

And I have to apologize – this is really a sad section of the story. I’m trying to get through the sadder parts so by Mother’s Day it will be a little happier!

I also want to write a nutritional update on sweet boy Eli this weekend. I learned a few things this week. I don’t plan to write about Eli in sections or parts. My buddy has had enough drama.

Before you read what’s below, read Part 1 first.

I”m talking about Mother’s Day and my own mom, who’s not with us any more. She died, in 2010.

Before she died there was something we needed to do.

We needed to get her Facebook password.

My sisters nominated me to talk to my mom about this, along with some other matters.

You want to to respect someone’s wishes after they’ve died.

To be able to respect their wishes and do what they want you have know what they want.

To know what they want you need to ask them what they want.

No one wants to do this.

It’s admitting death is there.

It’s just really hard.

I’d never faced it. Anything like this.

My mom and I had the conversation in her bed. She was really sick.

She was weak at that point. She could barely talk.

But we needed the information.

She gave me the password.

I gave it to my sisters.

That was that

We didn’t discuss anything else after we had the password.

That would entail thinking further ahead than the moment we were in.

No one wanted to do this at that time. It was hard enough just dealing with the fact she was so sick.

My sisters made a decision and they didn’t include me in it. We ended up getting in a fight.

They tried to delete her profile before she had died.

For whatever reason, I had no reference for comparison or anything like that, but this just horrified me.

I had strong feelings about this, this deletion of the profile while she was still alive.

I didn’t care she had a foot in either world. She’s here.

So, to, should her Facebook profile be here.

So we had to have a discussion about what to do next.



2 thoughts on “The Facebook afterlife, Part 2

  1. Angie says:

    Matt died suddenly so no one had passwords for any accounts of any kind. In terms of social networks he had MySpace. Laughable nowadays to have a MySpace, but I still visit his periodically and leave messages, some public, some private. It’s therapy even almost 5 years later for me. I think it’s a new phenomenon in our world of technology, something that could be studied. When do you delete it, if ever? What if suddenly the profile is gone from some sort of MySpace/Facebook cleanup? I like being able to visit Matt in cyber space. Is it ok to keep it that way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. j&m says:

      I think it is totally ok. Beyond ok. I’m going to write more about that very shortly!


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