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My buddy and his tummy, 1

I am going to talk about Eli’s tummy.

And by tummy I mean his digestion.

And by digestion — I mean his poo poo.

I’m one of those moms.



My son was born with a blocked bowel, a condition called meconium ileus.

We’ve got a long history, though Eli is only 5 months old, with his digestion.

Doctors snipped his large intestine from his small intestine, stuck the ends out of his belly, flushed out his bowel.

Second surgery: put him back together again.

He’s healed so beautifully, and I can’t even believe he had such major surgeries before he was 3 months old.

But recently, in the last week, we’ve noticed something is up with his digestion.

He threw up a couple of times last week.

We just started him on solids.

He’d started to eat carrots.

My God – he loved carrots.

He ate carrots like there was no tomorrow.

Then he had hell to pay.

Poor baby was really uncomfortable. He threw up a few times. He had some really big poo poos.

His body doesn’t make enzymes that help you or me absorb food.

He just doesn’t have those.

He takes enzymes – little white beads – before every meal.

They are made from pig pancreas.

That helps him absorb food properly.

We don’t know what’s going on.

We called his nutritionist last week.

She had us back off of the carrots and all other solids except for rice cereal, and just continue to observe him.

He was doing well until this weekend.

The last three nights he’s just been up.

He wakes up at midnight or 1 and he is really uncomfortable.

He took three poo poos last night.

They were pretty big and really stinky.

CFers poo out fat if the enzyme dosage is incorrect – I think.

I’m wondering if this is what’s going on. I don’t know.

I’ve never experienced it before.

His poo poos are extra stinky. That’s new as of late.

He’s going to kill me when he’s 16 for saying this.

It’s the worst smell ever.

It’s like something is rotten.

It’s bad, and his gas is not far off.

Also — we’re very tired.

He’s uncomfortable and he wants to be held until very, very very early in the morning.

My tummy feels funny mama and I don't know how to tell ya - so I'm gonna whimper until I'm cozy and grunt and yell and be a poo poo factory. I'm still cute!

I sure am cute and I make my mommy sleepy!

We’re going to call his nutritionist again today.

If there has to be something nice about having CF — you have a nutritionist on call for your child.

They’re extremely responsive at his CF clinic.

His nutritionist’s name is Daniele. She is so nice.

We’re going to talk again about what’s going on with Eli’s gut, with his tummy.

We’re going to figure it out and see what we can do to make him more comfortable.

I’ll talk about what I find out next time.


One thought on “My buddy and his tummy, 1

  1. Amy O says:

    {{HUGS}} Eli is sooooooo cute.


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