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Greetings! Here is Part 1 of this story. I’m talking about my son’s digestion today. Eli has been having tummy trouble related to his CF. As we found out, something else was amiss when it came to buddy’s tummy that had nothing to do with Eli or his genetic disease.

My buddy and his tummy, Part 2

I’m talking about my 5-month-old son Eli who has cystic fibrosis.

For the past couple of nights, Eli had been really uncomfortable.

He’s been up until 1, 2 3 and beyond. He poo poos 2, 3 times a night.

Obviously, something’s wrong.

I called the clinic yesterday

I spoke to the nurse there, Debbie.

Wow, did I feel like an idiot.

So familiar, this feeling.

Debbie last week prescribed an antacid because people with CF can have very acidic gut systems.

The antacid – she explained then – would also help Eli absorb his enzymes, which he takes to help him absorb nutrition.

When he does things like poo – smelly poo, smelly gas – it’s a sign of malabsorption.

He’s not getting something he needs to get the food to move on through and absorb the right way.

Talking to Debbie, she asked me, have I been giving him his antacid?


But then I had to pause.

I think I may have forgotten to give it to him at night.


I don’t think I told my husband how important it was to give him his antacid, and I hadn’t been double checking with Mark to make sure this was getting done.

The nanny has been giving him his antacid – I’ve been giving it to him…but I forgot at least one night in the last week. Mark knows he forgot.

I felt like a total fool.

This is the problem.

Debbie and I had a discussion and we figured that out.

Mark and I gave Eli the antacid — his two proper doses — yesterday.

We also burped him more frequently as she suggested and we elevated the mattress in his crib (on an angle).

He did really well.

He woke up one time, which is normal for him.

He poo pooed one time, which is normal for him.lj

He was not uncomfortable. He was really happy this morning.

That was that.

Then Mark and were faced with an issue.

Our family communication sucked.

The thing is, I’ve been back at work for a month and week.

We have a nanny.

Our live are insane.

We hand off Eli like a baton in a track relay race.

Mark and I realized we needed to get our communication in order.

We created a white board with Eli’s nutrition plan.

We created a check list.

In addition to enzymes before every meal and his antacid, he needs to have salt every day, vitamins every day.

Those are a lot of little things to remember.

We created this new plan and Eli is a happier boy.

We’re going to start him back on solids – carrots – tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

Until next time!



One thought on “My buddy and his tummy, part 2

  1. scaz2010 says:

    Glad he is doing better. My tum tum took years to even out. I didn’t realize and antacid was important until I had the worst heartburn of my life in my mid-twenties. Now I can’t go without it, if I got without it for more than a day, i don’t feel like eating, and I get really nauseous.


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