This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

What a week!

At work at The Oklahoman, I’m toiling away on a story based on this blog. Wow. I write a lot on this blog. Hard to edit that down to something manageable and compelling that can be taken in in one sitting. Working on it with the help of my editor. Pulling in people who have all kinds of skills to help me tell the story in words, vid, pics, sounds and in print and online. It’s a feat to meet a project deadline!

The Oklahoman loves Eli

In the mean time, This is Eli has captured the attention of some pretty major players. The Oklahoman, my media organization and the largest news outlet in this state, was the first to show us some love.

Then out of left field, The New York Times picked this blog as a “must-read.” We even got a mention on The Grey Lady’s website.

I took a picture pictures and placed giant, enthusiastic red labels all over my collage in case anyone needed, you know, guidance.

The New York Times loves This is Eli

I was stunned.

My great friend and savvy woman, Krista, had suggested it to an editor there.

I wouldn’t have dared!

Then, out of nowhere, a reader named Emily tracked me down via my work e-mail. She wrote me the sweetest e-mail ever. It’s the kind of e-mail journalists and writers get on occasion. You just kind of think: “Wow, I lived in fear that I was churning out utter crap, but as it turns out, I’ve moved someone! Maybe I’ll keep going. Yes, onward, onward!”

But better than that, Emily wanted to know how she could help us, Eli, my family.

I asked her to spread stories she enjoyed on her own social media channels. I suggested that, if she really wanted to, she could donate to research that would help save my son’s life. The link remains up in the left sidebar.

Emily donated $100. Thank you so much Emily.

I don’t know Emily. She doesn’t know me.

Mark and I were really moved that a stranger who found us on the Internet would do something so kind and meaningful for my family and the families of all those born with CF.

Emily, who is also a writer, found us via the literary motherhood mag Brain, Child. The mag placed a link to my post “The Principal’s Office” on its Facebook page in honor of cystic fibrosis awareness month.

Well, shoot. At work, I mean, come on – I love my beat, but I’m a lowly crime reporter. We’re like the jocks of newsrooms. I’m just a plain-spoken misfit from the Midwest. I don’t pretend to be high-brow, literary, elite, an intellectual powerhouse. I’m just me. I try to write in a realistic way. I try to be logical and truthful and fair. I try to say what I mean rather than talk in circles or code. This can be good and this can be bad and this trait has landed me in hot water more times than I can count.Brain, Child loves us
I’m honored that anyone is here, on this site, reading my family’s story.

Story is powerful. It can move people to do wonderful things. Like support the research that could will cure my son’s deadly illness.

I created a media love page here to give my proper thanks to the media organizations that have noticed and noted Eli’s little corner of the Internet.

But a special shout out goes to Emily, fellow writer, fellow mom.

You gave me the boost all writers need now and again.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll keep on writing.


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