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Hello. Below is an update on Eli’s tummy situation and as an added bonus information on your typical Oklahoma thunderstorm, which included a flying cow trough Saturday.

If you care to read the past posts on Eli’s recent digestion stuff, here’s the category I made for stomach stuff.


I wanted to give a little update on little buddy.

He is doing much better, not throwing up or spitting up any more and sleeping through the night, unlike in the recent past.

That’s because Mark and I got ourselves organized. We wrote his nutrition plan for all to see on a white board. We had been forgetting to give him his antacid dose some evenings. We also learned we may have just been over-feeding the poor little fellow.

Eli's plan for eats
A big thing that’s helped Mark and I stay on top of his nutrition is a simple thing: a check list. We keep it in a notebook. This helps. There are a lot of little things to remember for his tummy. .

Our nanny, Lorena, also takes notes every day on how much he eats and what and when.

Even as Eli was improving with the antacid, we took him to see a pediatric gastro doc on Friday. It makes us nervous when stuff goes wrong with his gut since stuff went really wrong with his gut 14 hours after we had him, to the tune two surgeries and 30 days in intensive care units.

Also, the doctors at the CF clinic are lung doctors. The staff knows a lot about nutrition, but it can’t hurt to bring a gut specialist into the mix since CF impacts organs besides lungs. Debbie, our coordinator and clinic nurse, set that up really quickly for us.

Our new gastro guy – I have to look up his name…it’s late…I’m tired…relayed that Eli is 14 pounds 6 ounces. His BMI is pretty low but he’s a tall guy. He’s still so much bigger than Laila was.

Any how, it’s really not clear if his throwing up is related to CF or if it’s just normal baby reflux stuff. We’re very eager to give Eli everything he wants and more so he gets nice and big, which is what we all want. The gastro guy said it’s possible we are giving him too much. Poor buddy just eats and eats, so we just feed and feed.

We’re going to try doing rice cereal mixed within his bottle and see how it goes.

We are also going to keep a diary of spit ups and throw ups for four weeks, then see gastro guy again.

Dear Diary,



Eli’s enzyme dosage is still right on for his weight, so that’s good.

In other news, we are bracing for severe storms today. Sunday. Tornadoes!

Bad weather broke out during my shift at work, but today is supposed to be worse.

It wasn’t that bad while I was working. And by that I mean no one’s dead.

However, wind gusts toppled giant metal utility polls, shutting down a major roadway and trapping a police officer and other people in cars as live wires sizzled all around them here in OKC.

Also, a strange weather phenomenon called a heat burst puffed a cattle trough into a small town police officer’s squad car. He crashed and is at the hospital.

Just a flying cattle trough after a 70 mph gust that came out of nowhere. Just a few gigantic metal utility polls tossed around and people trapped in cars. Just another Oklahoma thunderstorm.

And now it’s time for bed!

I hope to live in a world without electronic devices for the majority of the day and have a lovely day with my family. This is why I’m posting this at 1:40 a.m. Goodnight.


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