A Mary Kay makeover in noir, Part 3

My journey into the hard-boiled world of Mary Kay makeovers continues in Part 3, the final installment.

I have arrived at an office with my sidekick, Spiderman Cowgirl Princess after being told this deal involves my son’s life. I am shocked to find shoddy office furniture and question the validity that this deal has money in it. I’m told the money’s in the science and Mary’s in the back. SCP runs off to work alone. I go to the back to find Mary but instead encounter Lacey. I can’t believe what she asks me to do.

This is the last installment of a three-part series that you will want to read in order…if you want to read it at all!

Here is Part 1. Here is Part 2.

Did I mention this is a fundraiser? I don’t get this crazy for free.

“Nothin’s free in this world, sweetheart.”

Vote for me, fund lifesaving research to help Eli

Here’s the link.

Please vote for my makeover in the Mary Kay One Woman makeover contest. You can vote up to five times a day through May 28. If I get the vote, Mary Kay will donate $5,000 to the CF Foundation for cystic fibrosis research that will help save my son Eli’s life.

Get to the end of the story and a bonus awaits. Find out how to win a free Moby Wrap awesome cozy baby carrier. Good news, if you’ve already entered, you can enter again. Three-part story, three chances to win. (UPDATE: CONTEST CLOSED 5/28)

Now let’s get back to the story…

“Ugly,” Lacey says. “Mug shot. Look sad. Before. It’s part of the deal. The deal with Mary. Mary Kay.”

“You want me to look ugly?”

I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s part of the deal. The deal with Mary,” she says.

“Yeah, OK. OK.”

Lacey was getting pushy but she had me convinced.

I needed to do the deal. The deal to save my son.

Lacey’s assistant took the shot.

Jail bait. I looked like jail bait.

Lacey made promises.

Promises of youth.

The glow.

Rosy cheeks.

Bright eyes.

Lacey tells me she’s a rodeo queen.

“Rodeo queen?”

“Yeah, rodeo queen.”

“What about Mary?”

“She’s got the money for the deal. I’ll get you the money. We take the shots. Before. After. You put them up. You get the votes. Mary gives you the money. $5,000 bucks for the science to save your son…All done!”

I look in the mirror.

Don’t recognize the woman staring back at me.

Glamor. Shine.

It felt good.

Better than good.

Damn good.

Mary Kay makeover, before and after
Lacey’s assistant takes the shot.


“$5,000,” Lacey said.

$5,000 to cure CF.

“But you have to get the votes to fund the science to find a cure for your son.”

“Thanks, Lacey.”

It was time to go.

I grabbed Spiderman Cowgirl Princess.

She seemed different somehow.


I couldn’t put a finger on it.

“You know mommy,” she said. “I think we should go home. I think we should have a party. Just a few friends, nothing formal. A few friends…and Mary Kay.”

Please vote for me up to five times a day through May 28. Vote now and help win $5,000 for Eli! Time is running out!

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This is a moss Moby.
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