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I’ve started to learn to ride and I found a rodeo queen to teach me. I started a little series on it. Did I mention I get to wear cowgirl boots?

Here’s my first post. I’m excited to learn more about Charlie and Reba as time goes on.


Today I met a horse named Charlie and I met a rodeo queen named Reba.

Reba taught me how to ride Charlie.

That was a lot of fun.

I found Reba and Charlie because I went to my Mary Kay makeover the other week, and I was in the company of two rodeo queens.

Lacey, who is a sales director for Mary Kay, who did my make-up for a contest I entered to raise money for Eli.

She is formerly Miss Rodeo Oklahoma, or something like that — I’m sure I’m getting her title wrong. I need to check with her.

Her assistant, Rachel, is a rodeo queen in training. She has a pageant coach and everything.

She explained to me that the talent competition is more like horsemanship. No bikini contest. They each wear a very conservative leather dress that has jewels all over it.

It’s all got its own culture and history and it sounded really fascinating.

Horsemanship is huge around here.

I mentioned to Rachel that I wanted to try and learn to ride and she hooked me up with her friend, Reba.

Reba and I are both super busy but we finally connected today.

I drove out about 15 miles from where I live to southwest Oklahoma City to her family’s ranch. The ranch is in a town called Mustang.

She introduced me to Charlie.

Charlie is a pretty special little guy.

He’s a gentle soul.

He had an experience with his leg. It warmed my heart he recovered from it.

He ran at a full gallop into a fence. It almost cut his leg in half.

As Reba explained to me -rather than put Charlie down, the family got Charlie – who is her father’s horse – experimental medical care at a place up in Edmond Oklahoma which is north of Oklahoma City.

Charlie recovered.

He’s got a strange gait.

He kind of loops his leg around sometimes when he walks.

Charlie being gentler than most meant Charlie was a good horse for me.

Reba taught me everything about how to put the saddle on him, how to tie him up, how to mount the horse, how to steer.

I got all the way up to trotting. It was a lot of fun.

I think I’m going to do it again.

Next time we’re going to try and learn… I forgot what it is — something between a trot and a gallop. Starts with an L.

I’ll remember it next time.

Until then!


3 thoughts on “In the land of the rodeo queen, 1: hi Charlie

  1. Reba Baker says:

    You are so sweet! Loved our time together today! And next time you are gonna LOPE πŸ™‚ because you are a natural and learning so quickly!! Looking forward to it!


    1. j&m says:

      I can’t wait!


  2. Jessica Baker says:

    Charlie is the BEST!!! My daughter loves Charlie and Spiderman both pretty equally…You couldnt be in better hands learning to ride thats for sure!


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