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I’ve been utter crap at making both mom friends and little people friends for Laila.

Laila is 3.

I just recently turned a corner on the mom friend/little people front.

Little Laila

2010, Ann Arbor:

How wistfully I looked upon the mothers of Ann Arbor as they traipsed about in their Tevas in those lush, green parks.

Somehow, we just never connected.

I tend to wear wedges. A clash of footwear ideology?

Can’t be sure. I never got close enough to find out.

Sweet babies clad in organic fabrics. Older siblings munching granola. Probably homemade. Probably organic. Probably free of genetically modified ingredients.

Why, oh why, won’t you be my friend, mommy?

Look at me. I’m here.

We recycle…How could we not? This city makes it easier than throwing away garbage.

I’m totally into non-GMO…until I want McDonald’s french fries…in which case, move aside, I want french fries. Seriously, get out of my way.

Why won’t you look at me, mother earth?

Gee I just can’t figure it out.

Another one has walked away without making eye contact!


Wait! Wait! I want your granola recipe.

I rise to chase my potential friend.

Trip. #@$% wedges. Who wears wedges to a park?

What is wrong with me?

Why can’t I make friends?


2013, Oklahoma City:

OK, since I’m too busy to make friends I’m going to join an online group. Oooooh this one has a green bent.

I have to wonder what that will turn up in my red state.

OK, this group is into cloth diapering.

Yeah, pass. I mean on the cloth diapering. Do whatever you want, I seriously don’t care…but I’m sticking with my Target diapers.

OK…this article from the British government claims cloth nappies (hehe nappies!) have the same carbon footprint as disposable nappies (hehe nappies!) OK, Ok. I’ve got this study up my sleeve *just in case*

We meet at the book store.

I spot multiple Toms. The cute little slipper shoes that donate a pair to someone in a third world country when you buy a pair here in the U.S. of A.

Oooh, gold sparkly Toms.

“Where’d you get those? Thanks for organizing this.This is great!”

Hi. Hi. Hi.

“This is the first time I’ve done this.”

Me too.

“OMG, isn’t it lonely having young children?”

OMG yes! Yes!

“It’s so lonesome!”

I don’t have any friends.

“Me neither!”

This is great.

“OK where did your daughter get those mini Toms. Precious. Just precious. And in a third world country somewhere, her counterpart is running around in mini Toms, looking all stylish at the village water well!”

Laila and I need matching Toms.

“Our babies are playing together. Precious. Let’s take 1,000 photos!”

At the green cupcake store:

“Hi, I’ll take birthday cake flavor,” I tell the cashier.

“Do you want vegan organic or just organic?”

“I want vegan, organic and GMO free. And light. You have that, right?”

Cashier stares at me.

“Uh, I’m kidding. Just plain organic is fine.”

Cashier doesn’t laugh.

All the babies are running around like wild little people in a tiny modern space.

There is talk of school, of work, of staying at home, more discussion on how lonely it is to stay at home with a baby or a little toddler and a lot of:

“I’m so glad we’re doing this!”

And there are cupcakes. And coffee!

And one child is named after a tree, and another a veggie!

No one busts me for my Target diapering!

Laila runs around with the little people and is in a good mood for the rest of the day.



Today, I met one of the green moms up at a park.

We kind of splintered off from the group weeks ago.

We like the group and I plan to go again, it’s just most of the kids are 1 and our kids are 2.5 and 3.

Holland, a little girl, and her mommy, are our new friends.

Laila loves Holland. Holland loves Laila. Eli hangs out, too, in either his carrier or one of my baby-wearing contraptions.

Holland and Laila spotted each other at the park today, sprinted toward each other and then stopped about a foot apart. Then they hugged.

They are precious little people, running around together, holding hands, climbing stuff.

Laila is by some miracle bigger than Holland.

She kept acting as her body guard when a big boy showed up at the park.

Holland’s mommy is so nice! Plus she knows about so many places in OKC I don’t know about. Which parks are toddler friendly, etc. She’s cool and she’s funny.

She used to work in HR but stays at home now. She is quite pregnant with No. 2.

Her husband has a tech job that’s California-based but works at home in OKC.

Holland and Laila meet every week now.

I’m hoping H’s mommy signs her little H up for ballet.

I’ve just signed me wee miss up. It starts in a few weeks.

Laila needs somewhere to put her energy.

Today it was at the park, with Holland.

My little girl who doesn’t smile for just anything or anyone is beaming today. I’d show you a picture but her smile becomes elusive when the camera is pointed at her face.

Below is a different depiction of happiness.

Laila runs


3 thoughts on “Little people, 1: Green moms

  1. Emily, the auntie says:

    Laila making a friend has made me so happy that I literally teared up.


  2. Kelly Pyszel says:

    How in the world did you get that perfect photo of your little gal skipping merrily into the entrance of Okla-gnoma??? Frame it, ya’ll!


  3. Meeting mom friends you actually connect with is so hard. I feel the same way in my new neighborhood at the pool, staring at the other moms, wishing they would be my friend. Glad you found one!


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