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Juliana again. June 4, 2013.

I had a good day. Then a strange day. Now it’s back to being a good day.

Good day-I heard a lot of feedback from readers on my piece I wrote for The Oklahoman on cystic fibrosis and on Eli and his first five months of life. A couple of my co-workers mentioned it, too.

It seems like it hit home for some people, or they somehow related to it, so, I was happy about that.

I had a good brunch, family brunch, with my in-laws and Laila and Eli and Mark.

I went to work.

My task was to figure out who the people are who are still missing from these storms that hit Oklahoma City and the metro area on Friday.

I was by a river, the Deep Fork River, with people who all had ties to Guatemala.

It was a volunteer search party. They were caked in red mud. They had machetes, shovels, rakes. They were taking a break by the highway.

Volunteer search party

They were looking for a dead 34-year-old mother in the river.

Her three children died, along with the mother’s cousin, the cousin’s husband and another 4-year-old child. This is what the family members told me.

This is what I do at work.

It’s sad. People drowned in these storms on Friday.

There were seven people swept away in this one group, 11 total, in Oklahoma City proper.

The 34-year-old mother is presumed dead, and that’s what I wrote about today.

Now I’m at home, and I’m putting Eli to bed.

I’m not trying to be funny or cute, this is just how my days are, they’re strange. I just feel like talking about it. And I’m really tired. And this is not making much sense.


We take Eli to the CF clinic tomorrow.

I’m always excited to learn more about his progress and growth.

Until then.


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