The winner of the Moby Wrap is…

Our May contest for a free Moby Wrap has ended.

This is a moss Moby.
This is a moss Moby.

And we have a winner! Annie K., you win the Moby!

Eli feels so Oprah.

So Oprah
So Oprah

I made a video of the drawing. Laila picked the winner out of her pink cowgirl hat.

It would be awesome to try and do one of these per month. Hey, I wanted to do giveaways for CF awareness during the month of May. But it’s CF awareness 24/7 at my house.

I figure that, yes, I write about life with a baby with CF, but by and large, that means I’m just scribbling about life here. And in life, everyone loves free stuff.

Good news, the June contest is already lined up!

Free Mom’s Best cereal!

Have you ever had Mom’s Best?

It lives up to its name.

Look for the post shortly.

Below, view our drawing for the free Moby Wrap.


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