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UPDATE: This contest closed June 18, 2013. Read about the winner.

Hello! Mom’s Best Cereal and parent company MOM Brands has agreed to do a giveaway. Read our review of samples the company sent and, below the Mom's Best cerealjump, find out how you can win free cereal.

Mom’s Best Cereal: there’s just something about it

Cruising the aisles of my local Target, I couldn’t help but notice someone had pillaged the Mom’s Best cereals again.

Me and Laila’s fave – Mallow Oats – was almost gone. I buy two boxes at a time. What do they put in those little mushroom puffs and ‘mallows, hmm? Hmmmmmm?

Whole grain goodness, that’s what!

Mom's Best CerealsAt Target, the cereal goes on sale for only $2 a box. The glut of young families swarming OKC pillage the shelves of anything and everything young-family-slash-savings-oriented on a regular basis – including my beloved Mallow Oats. Back off, other families with your carts overflowing with children and babies – that box is mine. All mine.

My eyes got crazy. I grabbed the last box in a fury, fueled by the need for savings, the need to pump my tiny 3-year-old full of food she loves. HAHAHAHA. Victory. C’mon Laila. Let’s roll out of here before this scene turns sour.

I contacted the company – MOM Brands – about doing a giveaway with my blog last month, and a very nice marketing exec named Eric agreed! About MOM Brands – in 2012, the company changed its names from Malt-o-Meal. It is a family-owned cereal company based in Minnesota.

Eric only asked that I review a few boxes in return. He even sent a nice note along with the cereals. If you want to locate places that carry Mom’s Best Cereals near you, just follow this link.

Below, read about the three types of cereal Eric sent my way for a review. How do you win free cereal? Details at the end of the post.

This review was conducted by myself and the pickiest eater on earth – Laila.
Laila, pickiest eater on earth


Honey Nut Toasty O’s

Moms Best Cereals Honey Nut Toasty O'sHoney Nut Toasty O’s are a great staple for any cereal repetoire. The cereal is less expensive than the name brand of a similar look (Cheerios), and I swear – tastier. Slightly nuttier and light yet filling, the cereal gets an A-plus from me. I am a hungry person first thing in the morning. Honey Nut Toasty O’s is simple, convenient and satisfying – excellent qualities in cereal, I must say.

Laila: Laila will eat this cereal! She likes it and requested it at breakfast time. As I mentioned – this is the pickiester eater, perhaps, on the planet, so that is no small feat.

Blue Pom Wheat-Fuls

Mom's Best Blue Pom Wheat-FulsBlue Pom What-Fuls are whole grain biscuits with a sugary coating that tastes like blueberries. The cereal is actually pretty low in sugar but tasty and satisfying at breakfast time. Puffy, fortified and packed with whole grains, it gets a thumbs up. I thought the blueberry taste was just sweet enough and fruity enough for a little something different at breakfast time. It shakes up the biscuit cereal scene with a little innovation and originality.

Laila: OK, I admit it. Laila wouldn’t eat these. Nothing against Blue-Poms – she has bias against all biscuit cereals. It does not matter the brand. She just won’t touch them. She’s 3!

Cinnamon Squares

Mom's Best Cereals Toasted Cinnamon SquaresSecond only to Mallow Oats, sweet and crunchy Cinnamon Squares is my favorite of all Mom’s Best offerings. Like other cereals from Mom’s Best, Cinnamon Squares are filling. More filling than you’d expect from a sweet (but not too sweet) cereal. I’m going to make an educated guess that this is due to the upped ante of whole grains. The more complex the grain, the more filling a breakfast product. I did not get a sugar spike and then starve a half hour after eating. The cereal does not include high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oil. There are no artificial flavors or preservatives. That means I can pronounce the names of its ingredients – it’s a good thing. Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if more brands put such a pleasant emphasis on not poisoning consumers?

Laila: Again, a cereal Laila would actually eat. Success! If she eats it, I’ll continue to buy.


Win three boxes of cereal by leaving a comment below with your best tip on getting a toddler to eat. Mark and I will use these on Laila and pick a winner based on usefulness and delivery of your advice. Contest is open to US residents only. Opens Friday, June 14, 2013. Closes Tuesday, June 18, 2013.

What’s this all about?

I’m doing this giveaway to raise awareness about cystic fibrosis.

How does it tie in, you ask? It’s important for me to stay healthy and well, in order for Eli, Mark and Laila to stay healthy and well. That starts with basics, among them, nutritious eating. Healthy food, healthy body, healthy mind – its’ all tied in to wellness. The other tie-in is the affordability of this brand of cereal. Mark and I have re-focused on matters such as paying down debt – medical and college – since we had our little buddy. We are trying to be legit grown ups. One of the best ways to ramp up savings is to target savings at the grocery store. Beyond housing, food is our second biggest expense. So spending $2 or $3 v. $5 or $6 on a box of cereal is something that adds up over time.
Also, let’s get real: giveaways draw readers to this blog. This blog is about living life, but especially about living life with a new family member who has a chronic disease – CF. More readers, more awareness. We all win. Wapow!

If you want to donate to CF research that will save my son’s life, feel free to click here!


3 thoughts on “Contest! Free cereal! There’s just something about Mom’s Best

  1. Laura P says:

    Play with food! Make faces using berries, grapes as eyes and nose, and slices of bright bell peppers as mouths. Cut healthy whole wheat sandwiches into bears or stars using cookie cutters. Use toothpicks as mini fruit and cheese skewers and have her call out each color as she puts them on the skewer (hand eye coordination and color recognition too!)


  2. christina meyer says:

    I’ll admit it… I’ve only been a mom to two toddlers/preschoolers for two weeks. I’m a foster mom who is used to only taking babies. Then, to use your word, WAPOW!!! two kiddos needed a home, and fast. So here we are. With two that eat like birds and only seem to like juice, milk, fast food, and sweets. My advice so far….hide it in a smoothie (spinach, pumpkin, etc), hide it in a muffin/cookie (mashed apples and carrots in breakfast cookies this morning), serve it in fun dishes or containers (dips or syrup in a tiny Chinese tea cup alongside “food”), or just keep offering the things you want them to try alongside the things you know they’ll eat. I’ve gotten the 4yo to at least try most things, even if it’s the most microscopic, miniscule taste you’ve ever seen. Honestly, I’d love to hear what advice others have here!


  3. We have two picky eaters. My best tips: don’t make it a power struggle, pick your battles, and use ketchup. Oh, and sometimes we pretend there is a hungry bear at the door, and he is coming to eat the dinner if the kid doesn’t. This is complete with one of us knocking on the door and growling. That works, too!


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