This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

In my last post I wrote about the struggle between the negative and the positive, the darkness and the light, that goes on in my head when something new pops up with Eli’s disease, cystic fibrosis. I embrace my inner turmoil. Hey, I’m a writer. I try not to be phony here. I can’t pretend everything is hunky dory 24/7. That would be a lie! Also, boring copy.

His cough is new. So I had to have a head battle over that. I’m in such a better state of mind today.

That’s a good thing, because our nanny moved out of state, and we have three weeks to find a new one.

Haha! One thing at a time.

This is how we were feeling during buddy’s extra vest session today:

This is what his cough sounded like yesterday:

We have also been pounding on his back a lot, because it seems to move the crud out of his lungs.

In the mean time, I’m going to go ahead and get an extra throat swab today at the CF clinic. He will also see his regular doctor.

He’s been fussy and a little lethargic, but after his last vest session he cheered up.

Oooh, feet.

Oooh, feet.


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