This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Sometimes you really just piss a baby off.

Stop torturing me

Stop torturing me

And Eli was a mad baby today, but only for a moment. We made him do his first puffs of an inhaler. It’s called Albuterol. The “bronchodilator” aims to open up the wee tubes in his lungs a little bit. We will be giving that to Eli before airway clearance on his vest while he still has his tiny man cough.

And so, Eli got his first puff Albuterol.

This was his review: “WAAAAAA.”

Oh yeah. He was a hootin’ and a hollarin’

Poor buddy. You do feel like you’re torturing your child at times with various medical interventions.

It’s good for you buddy, promise!


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