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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

I’m probably going to regret this.

Each time I mention Weight Watchers, or a pledge to exercise, I immediately fail.

It’s like when I lived in Ann Arbor, and my friend Liz and I would, each month, attempt to do the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. But on day 3 we’d be like: “Did you shred?”

“Ugh, no.”

“Did you?”


“Ya wanna grab a Blue Tractor Burger?”

“Oh yeah!”

That’s kind of what I’m like with fitness. And eating right.

I’d *like* to change, but I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, either.

I’m really busy. I’m getting less tired because my baby is sleeping through the night these days! I swear just being a parent makes you tired. You could sleep for 9 or 10 a night and still be tired!

Despite my doubts, I think I might write about health a little here.

Yes, I do want to lose baby weight. Not just because Kate Middleton just had George, either. She’s one of those lucky ladies who will drop the teensy 25 pounds she put on her teensy frame in about 2 weeks. For me, two years in I was still about 10 pounds away.

Again, stressful two years. Need to go easy on self.

Any how, I’m wearing my hippie shirt today, which is probably why I went a little nuts-o at Sprouts (our local Trader Joe’s-esque place).

Lots of veggies and fruits and easy and convenient healthy things for me.

It’s funny because as I try to mix in more grains, fruits and veggies and fewer platters of brownies, I’m trying to fatten my son up as much as I can.

Another CF mom I met on Facebook posted a recipe for chocolate chip cookies with bacon in them she makes for her son, who is 10!

I bet one cookie is like 20 Weight Watchers points!

Points…points. Track those points.

That does actually work.

Until I get stressed out and attack plates of baked goods.

Now that I’m writing this down…maybe this attempt will stick?

I called this post a bandwagon because I keep falling off the Weight Watchers/exercise bandwagon.

I keep getting back on, or at least, thinking about it.

My wagon is slow. I think the horse Charlie is pulling it, his patched up bum knee and all!

Slow is OK. Life’s too fast.

Easy, boy, easy!


The word bandwagon might be my problem.

Health shouldn’t be a craze, something to join because it’s popular. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, but it is, often times. I’m full of excuses like “I’m really busy” and “I’m really tired.”

But I am!

Still, I want to know how I can somehow, amid the craziness of my life, fit in good habits that actually stick around.

And I’d like to be kind to myself. It’s OK to be on the slow road.

I’d like to explore the reasons I’d like to get healthier in a later post.

Here’s a good one: my mom had cancer twice before her 60th birthday. She died at 59.

I have a lot of issues to explore and things to consider.

Before I jump onto any goal of any kind, I’ll spend some time thinking instead.

And maybe getting a little rest. It’s critical to good health!


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