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I admit it. I went for a run. A few of them.

The last time this occurred I had pledged to do an April 2013 half marathon.


Right, right. With an attatched-to-me-24/7 infant? Cold winter Oklahoma winds slapping me in the face? The bone-deep fatigue that tags along with every brand new sweet precious bundle?

Run mama ya hear?

Run mama ya hear?

I felt rather sheepish and took it back almost right away.

I’m the kind of exerciser that needs a goal. I set the bar way too high for myself last time around. All I could do was attempt to figure this new life out, plus everything else. That did not include regular exercise–and that’s really OK.

I’ve been feeling drawn back to running lately. I ran a half marathon when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Eli. That was because, by the time I figured out I was pregnant, I’d already done two 10 mile runs. I’m not a natural long-distance runner, but I like it for stress relief and time in my own head. The months leading up to the event marked my first real effort since I had Laila that I started up a real routine.

After the preggo half marathon in the spring of 2012 I dropped running altogether. It made me want to throw up. I ate ice cream for the next eight months instead. It was glorious.

I was talking about running with my bestie Amy, who I got to see on a visit here in Okc this month AND in the mitten, where she swung by our hometown for a few weeks. She and her husband are both teachers in Texas, and they have sweet Zach. I hadn’t seen Amy in nearly two years!

Zach is about a year and a half old now and his mama has started to run again, too.

Amy and I and running go way back. I joined the track team my senior year in high school. She was just a sophomore, but that’s when and where our friendship took off. It’s stuck.

Amy was a star athlete who went on to run collegiate track and cross country. I was just a uncoordinated spaz who needed a friend and a new sport.

We used to sneak out of my house and into the park down my street. We’d sit in a moonlit playground and trade stories and secrets. Pretty un-rebellious!

The years went by. She landed in Texas and me in Oklahoma. We’ve each of us had some intense times as of late due to unexpected events after the birth of our bbs. Hers involved her health, mine involved my son’s. We both got through our sagas, are both OK.

Amy is a level-headed, lovely, patient and kind lady. A great listener. Someone who knows me, loves me, listens and doesn’t judge.

I told her I wanted to sign up for a race – a 10K.

“That’s a lot of work. How about a 5k?”

She gives good advice – in fact, Amy rarely throws it my way unless I explicitly ask for it, because she’s really more the listening type. A lost art!

But sometimes a close friend just needs to tell you to take it down a notch.

She made me realize I needed a smaller goal, a gentler goal — a 5K.

I went ahead and signed up.

It’s in October – one of the runs where they promise the thrill of throwing colored powder on you at the end. Not timed (bonus), and Laila can come with me in the jogger.

I took Laila running with me a few times in July in our baby jogger. July was uncharacteristically cool here, with only a light breeze. I’ve started off with three 10-minute running sessions in between five minutes of walking. Then I take Laila to the playground.

Eli’s come with me a few times, too — so long as it’s nice and cool in the evening.

He just chills in the jogger, seems to like the breeze.

Exercising with them, I hope, will make it fit into my life.

If I go with Eli, then Mark comes with us and takes Laila to the park.

This was the case last night.

Ug, last night. I was exhausted after work, had a headache and didn’t want to go.

I went anyway.

Somehow, my walk/run amalgamation energized me. I am distracted by nature and various other pretty, shiny things on runs, and stop to take pictures along my trail, which snakes around a lake.

Oooh a scene

Oooh a scene

I went to sleep faster than usual last night. We all got fresh air.

Running and CF

As Eli gets older it’s going to be important that he gets physical activity for his lung health.

Hardier lungs are critical in a person for cystic fibrosis, his doctors have told me. There are a lot of stories out there of active CFers who run marathons and take on other physical challenges, even when they are sick.

If these CFers can do that, amid the craziness of a chronic disease, surely I can stick to a 5K plan for the next two months!

For now, Eli’s exercise includes bopping around in a hanging jumper and trying to crawl, which is pretty cute.

One day we will run together, side by side. Laila, too!

Now, to work on Mark…perhaps I’ll sign him up for the race…

Does anyone out there with bbs – or just any busy person — have at running program they like? I’ve used Hal Higdon’s plans – the calendars are free online. I also like Log Your Run.

Ooooh nature and a feral cat

Ooooh nature and a feral cat


2 thoughts on “The slow road: against the wind (again)

  1. Keri says:

    This made me smile. Mill pond rebels and Amy’s perfect response to a 10k.

    P.s. I think feeling less tired generally improves after babes turn 1 yr. That, at least, was our experience. So unless you have insomnia and catch up on a friend’s blog at 4am, you are 2/3 there!


    1. j&m says:

      Hey! Good – there is hope. The first year is the hardest sleep-wise, that’s for sure!


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