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Mark and I spend a lot of time feeding our two lil babies.

Laila, 3, spurns food. Eli, 8 months — luckily for us — has a tum like a bottomless pit.

That’s good, because he needs 900 to 1,000 calories a day! Actually, I’m not sure what a baby without cystic fibrosis would need, which would up the “wow” factor in that sentence.

I’ll have to find out.

In the mean time, I made a rap video of breakfast time with Eli. He doesn’t just wanna be fat. He wants to be phat.

There are a few differences you may notice about Eli’s baby breakfast, compared to a non-cf baby brekkie.

1. We put salt in his food. CF kids need a lot of salt due to the defective way their bodies handle it.
2. We put a tablespoon of butter per meal in his food.
3. You might see he nom noms on enzyme beads in applesauce. He needs enzymes before every meal to help him absorb fat instead of poo it out. Even if a cure is found for CF, this won’t change. It’s a lifelong commitment to be a CF fat baby —> boy —-> man. Bigger, higher BMI bodies stave off health assaults like lung infections better. Read more about the different way his body breaks down food.

We are running out of butter fast. Buddy boy eats like a maniac! And that’s a good thing.

As he continues to grow he’ll continue to need a salt-laden, fat-filled diet. Kinda like what a lot of ‘mericans eat any way, but maybe even fattier and saltier.

Here is Eli trying to be fat and, you know, phat.

For CF parents of babies, I’ll tell you what he ate this morning:

2-3 tbs. cereal
1 tbs. butter (consult nutrition, because ours had us go up from a tsp. to make sure we didn’t give buddy runs)
3/4 a banana mushed to puree (nice, dense fruit has about 100 calories ea. according to Siri on my iPhone)
a dash of salt (just because. He gets 1 tsp a day per his nutritionist)

Two Happy Baby Greek yogurt/fruit/veg blends.
These have 130 calories each.

The space pack organic baby foods rather hurt my pocket book, but I prefer to know his calories, they save time, and I’m a hippie about food, so, whatever. He eats the ones he likes at the speed of light! Like he’s on a baby rocket ship to the fat boy moon.

Noms away!

Eli is getting nice and strong, working on baby strength training moves all the time.

Do other CF moms have any tips or tricks for fattening a baby starting solids? Send me a note or leave them in the comments section!

Working on bein a big Oklahoma baby.

Working on bein a big Oklahoma baby.


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