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As a mom, one of the best things you can do to keep your head from exploding, which would be unfortunate and messy, is to make friends with other moms.

I joined a mom’s group I found online, with an environmental bent. If nothing else, I wanted to figure out what greenies actually looked like in state of Oklahoma (compared to Ann Arbor, where the greenies roam the streets in droves and at times in terrible footwear…Crocs *shudder* )

Oklahoma greenies look just like Ann Arbor greenies, but with way better footwear and fewer fleece layers.

Point is, I’m more of a one-on-one type with friends. A mom and I who kind of jived splintered away from the greenies. The other green children were more around 1 year old, and our kids are 3, so, ya know, that made more sense.

Blue steel

Blue steel

That mom’s daughter became Laila’s best friend.

We met at a park this morning to avoid messy head explosions.

Our children ran and ran and ran in circles, and climbed and swung and slid. They had to apologize to each other via hugs and “sorrys” about four times for various offenses 3-year-olds commit (throwing wood chips at the other’s face, etc.). Eli slept since we went out during his a.m. nap time, when it’s still tolerable outside. My friend is due with No. 2 only in a few weeks, so we meet at the park in her neighborhood, but will meet at her house from now until she pops out her baby.

Point to all this is, it’s just good to have a friend to hash out and solve issues with. Here’s one: Laila is bored. I got the idea in my head when I had Eli that I’d keep Laila at home until age 4, when she reached pre-K age. Even though I could plainly see, even months and months ago, how her little mind is hungry. She wants and covets friends, making them at random at every play date, park and jungle gym we visit. And at those points, a smile crosses her face, and she laughs, and she’s happy!
Mommy, Daddy, lil boy and Nanny just aren’t enough any more.

Mommy, let me out the house, or we will all lose our minds! Love, Laila

Mommy, let me out the house, or we will all lose our minds! Love, Laila

Laila had nanny on the verge of tears yesterday. She was jumping over her buddy and messing with poor wee man as though he was her own personal obstacle course and punching bag. She ran wild. Boredom.

And you know, I bought a whole bunch of pre-K stuff, which we do every day, but that’s really not enough. GUH – just look at our daughters running around together at this park – I mentioned to mom friend. They need little people in their lives! Our girls need friends – more than one, perhaps! And mental stimulation beyond what life at home can provide.

So, my friend mentioned Mother’s Day Out programs, which are run by most big churches in the area. There are a lot of big churches in the area. We live in the Bible Belt, perhaps, the buckle! My friend’s church has a nice one, she said. We parted ways. She called the program. I called the program. The hours fit my schedule -just 16 hours a week. Laila can handle that. There are actually open spots (!) – unlike at every day care program I’ve recently called. The prices are good, especially knowing that the place could give little Laila what she’s missing in her life — more little people friends and intellectual stimuli.

Having a CF bb at home, I had a few extra questions – do your workers have flu and pertussis vaccines? How do you emphasize hand washing and coughing into the crook of your arm? How often do you wipe down and/or bleach toys? I explained I’m a little coo coo about germs because of my son’s chronic disease. The place passed my exam. Plus, the woman I talked to was just, simply…nice. She sounded caring.

So my friend and I both got the idea in our head that our daughters were way too bored at home. And we both scheduled a tour for Monday.

I’ve just got to get over my concern about germs. We can’t put our kids in a bubble just because of buddy’s CF. That’s what I’ve been doing by delaying what I could plainly see Laila needed.

I’m going to have to see what my investigation into Mother’s Day Out turns up.

I’m not going to lie- whoever invented this concept needs some kind of gold star or Nobel Peace prize or something. How many heads would have been lost in messy, unfortunate explosions without Mother’s Day Out.

Anyone out there with a coupla kids, or one CF child plus one more more non-CF children have experiences with starting preschool? What was your experience like? Leave a comment or e-mail me via the contact form below.

And everyone, with school starting, a friendly reminder: wash hands often, cough into the crook of your arm!


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