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Our plan to fatten buddy boy with extra butter, lots of avocado and other foods appears to be working.

gimme mo butta

gimme mo butta

For the first time, he’s got a little gut! Cystic fibrosis kids with a BMI in the 50th percentile or above have overall better health and can stave off things like lung infections better, studies have shown. My baby pounds butter, is what that means for me. He also pounds beef. Maybe it’s an Oklahoma thing. Good thing he’s got an appetite. Buddy got real PO’d when I tried to give him tapioca pudding, though, at the suggestion of his clinic nutritionist. Oooweeee! Was he mad. Between the beef and tapioca videos below, you will see his emotional range.

Beef: Serene

Beef part deux: Happy

Tapioca: pissed

Happy man!

Happy butta baby

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