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And the winner of the blanket contest is…Ewa A.!

Ewa wrote in with a strange childhood blankie story — a tale of an uncuddly dish towel in a 70s color scheme with mushrooms all over it. Much more recently, Ewa has a son named Eli! And, Ewa A. tells me, she went crazy and had four kids in three years. This is a feat. A pair of those kids are twins, which is why that was humanly possible. I have a feeling Ewa A. and her man are quite busy juggling all those kids. So through the generosity of Petite Frites, here is something soft and cuddly in which you might wrap up some babies, Ewa!

Here is Ewa’s blanket story:

When I was little, my blankie was a slightly stiff, frayed, rough / cheap terry-cloth, mustard-yellow dishtowel (think 1970’s color schemes) covered in pictures of brown and orange mushrooms of various sizes. It sure does sound snuggly and pretty, no? I have no idea how I got attached to this unfortunate dishtowel, but I did and so it traveled everywhere with me. It was always in my arms. It was with me in my parents Ford Fairmont with dark red pleather seats. Since in the early 1980’s my parents felt that car seats were optional, I was simply instructed to lay down in the back of the car on long car rides, snuggle up to my dishtowel blankie and take a nap. Clearly, I was immune to embarrassment at that age, because I took the dishtowel to preschool with me each day and I jumped into bed with it at night (secretly, my mom would come in when I fell asleep and wash it for me so that it was fresh…and newly stiff in the morning). I do not remember how I weaned myself off the dishtowel, but I do know that I managed to forget about this silly and ugly piece of comfort for a long long time. BUT, when I was an adult, just newly married, I was in my parents linen closet looking for a wash cloth when I stumbled upon my darling, stiff and now majorly faded mushroom dishtowel and I couldn’t believe my luck. It was much tinier than I had remembered and it was so stiff and uncuddly!!! But, despite its size, its strange design and its lack of fluff, just seeing the little neglected dishtowel brought me back to a flood of childhood memories, when my biggest worry was whether or not I would wake up in the morning hugging my little yellow mushroom towel!

Free blanket contest


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