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I got out to western Oklahoma today.

Thought I’d share photos from an interesting assignment.


State forensic anthropologist Angela Berg works alongside local authorities to remove remains after
two cars were pulled from Foss Lake in western Oklahoma. It will take up
to a year to identify the remains, an official with the state medical
examiner’s office said. But family members who believed their relatives
had been found arrived at the scene and gave DNA samples via cheek swabs. Mysteries family members hope will be solved include three people last seen in the area in April ’69, cases possibly tied to the ’52 Chevy. Sayre teens missing since ’70 may have been found in the Camaro. Below are a woman who believes her grandfather’s remains were found. And, the trooper who found the bodies while testing new sonar equipment. Trooper George Hoyle was using the instruction manual the day the imaging technology hit on the ’52 Chevy about 50 feet out in 12 feet of water.







If you like reading about my adventures exploring the state of Oklahoma, hit up the category The Oklahoma Diaries. If you like taking iPhone pics, you might try iPhone photography, ie, iPhoneography.


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