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I was dispatched to western Oklahoma again yesterday to dig up more information on the lives of six people whose bodies may have been found at the bottom of Foss Lake. There were three bodies in two cars about 50 feet off shore, a 1969 Camaro and a 1952 or ’53 Chevrolet. Three adults went missing in 1969. Three teenagers in 1970. These people are probably the bodies in the car.

Well, ‘lil buddy really didn’t care mommy pulled through on a deadline after a day of chasing down leads in a far-flung corner of the state. He woke up today at 4:30 a.m. The nerve! He needed some new pants and a bottle. Then Laila woke up and started hollarin’, thinking it was time to play. She was out of her mind, wailing on the floor. We coaxed her back to sleep. I couldn’t get back to sleep…and we are down to about a tablespoon of coffee grounds. My coffee is a fair blond. This is inhumane, children!

I’m looking forward to dropping lil Lailai at school, spending some QT with Eli after working like crazy for the last two…and maybe fitting in a nap before work. One can only hope.

Here are some photos of my adventures yesterday in small-town Oklahoma.

I was in Elk City, home to the Route 66 Museum. As if I had time to stop at a museum. Ha!

The photographer and I did need to eat, however. Should you find yourself in Elk City, try the Hog Trough. Yes, it’s got an awful name. The atmosphere is bland. But I was starving, the BBQ brisket was good and the fries were homemade.

Yeah, it's a terrible name. But it's sooo good.

Yeah, it’s a terrible name. But it’s good.

The staff at the Daily Elk Citian was nice enough to help me with my story. They even gave us a tour. This is an ode to them, and the 60s vibe at the office. An archive book was open because staffers were searching for articles on the missing people from Canute and Sayre. I fawned over the shiny receipt machine after getting laughed at for not knowing what it was. Ooooh 60s thing! I fell for the vintage receipt machine immediately…yes, that’s right. I fell in love with a receipt machine. It was kind of a long day, OK!

The Daily Elk Citian

The printing press at The Daily Elk Citian hails from the '60s. It puts out an afternoon paper daily, Monday through Friday.

The printing press at The Daily Elk Citian hails from the ’60s. It puts out an afternoon paper daily, Monday through Friday.

Gotta love a 1960s press.

The little town is kind of a big town for that far west in the state with around 12,000 people.

Its shops are full and bustling. Drillin’ money, my photographer told me.

Yesterday was grueling. I tracked down the brother of the 16-year-old missing Camaro owner to a Texas oil rig. This is the story.

What small Oklahoma towns have you paid a visit to? Had any good BBQ there. Well let me know!

If you like reading about my adventures exploring the state of Oklahoma, hit up the category The Oklahoma Diaries. If you like taking iPhone pics, you might try iPhone photography, ie, iPhoneography.


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