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Eli wrote a baby essay about the flu shot in 11 memes. He just wanted to make a request:

Hi. I'm a baby

Lots of people pass on flu shot.

They say it makes them sick.

They say it's against religion. That it's poison.

good healthy medicine!

no kids should die of the fluI'm justa babyDoctors told mom I've got a deadly diseaseI have cystic fibrosis.
Will you consider a flu shot this year?thank you. i love you.

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4 thoughts on “A request in 11 baby memes: consider a flu shot

  1. scaz2010 says:

    A great reminder for me to get my annual Flu shot for my birthday! Out of 30 years, I have only missed 2! No one in my family, while I lived there, ever got the flu. Because I kept it out for them!


    1. j&m says:

      Nice. Thanks for reading!


  2. Ruth says:

    How do you make that printing on your photos? Photoshop?
    I’m getting mine next week!


    1. j&m says:

      Hey there! I just downloaded the app ‘A Beautiful Mess’ from the iTunes store. It’s a good one!


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