This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Eli is 10 months old!

We are continuing our search for the real Mary Poppins.

As opposed to imposter Mary Poppins.

Our ongoing childcare search is paying off – we’re covered for the week with some clever scheduling plus two fill-in sitters, including a potential nanny.

Crossing my fingers that she works out.

No time to write about cash, which has become my Monday habit — though today, out of the blue, my company offered a Dave Ramsey (The “We’re Debt Free! guy) seminar to us. Totally signed up…

Buddy boy is getting over a cold, but he may be put on antibiotics in case the virus flared up his CF bacteria. He’s been coughing for five days – a tiny, now-and-again, cough, but still, a cough. In good news, I didn’t flip out like I did the first time. I hit my freak-out quota in my scramble to find reliable, non-psycho strangers to watch my children in manner of Mary Poppins.

Here is my 10 month photo session with buddy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

a ga ga. I'm 10 months! Momma u funny.

a ga ga. I’m 10 months! Momma u funny.


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