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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

It’s been a while since I gave a good update on buddy boy.

My family went out of town for nearly two weeks in October. Mark took the kids up to Chicago on his school break. But, really, I got the vacation. Mark came home exhausted. I was relaxed after livin’ it up solo. And by ‘livin’ it up,’ I mean, laying around watching Netflix BBC programs (Call The Midwife – brilliant!) and drinking tea. And wine. And sleeping in.

I also re-did my dresser. Well, half of it. I still need to finish the darn thing.

But enough about me.

Eli is doing well lately, except for a tum glitch that happened last week.

We hired a lovely nanny who is great about communicating bud’s issues and has a heart for his special care needs. Good thing, because on new nanny’s first day, Eli had a major blowout situation. He unleashed about six or seven mushy ones by noon. Things improved, and later that night, we attended Haunt the Zoo in OKC. Afterwards, Eli topped the poo cake with a blowout to end all blowouts. Yeah, I’m gonna give details.

Ah, ma, why you gotta give details?

Ah, ma, why you gotta give details?

We suddenly smelled something foul as we were driving home. We pulled into Walgreens to pick up his antacid prescription. I hopped in the back to check out buddy’s diaper. Well, he left a pile of poop in his car seat. A mushy one. Then he slapped his hands in it. Then he rubbed it all over his face, eyes, arms and outfit.


This was likely our fault.

In our week of insanity training a new nanny and doing Halloween stuff 24/7, we forgot to pick up Eli’s antacid prescription. He went without it for five days. Poor little man. The day he had his blowouts he also started spitting up. When he’s doing so well, it’s easy to forget how much he relies on his meds. It’s easy to forget he’s different. Besides keeping his cystic fibrosis-related acidic gut system in check, the antacid helps Eli absorb the enzymes he takes every time he eats anything. Thus, he absorbs fat better, instead of pooping it out.

Another possibility with his rapid fire poo poos is that he simply had a virus, according to his regular physician’s office. I don’t know, though. It’s hard to say. On the antacid for two days straight, his poos are back to normal. He spit up once today.

So there’s all that.

In other news, Eli is doing lots of new, cute baby stuff.

He started to give cuddles and is a very cuddly little man. He says “mama,” “dada” and some other random baby noise jibber jabber. He is really close to walking and can balance for a few seconds without holding onto anything. He stands and cruises along. Then he lets go, smiles, lunges toward us and falls on his bum. His favorite spot is the window. He is a super hungry fellow who loves his baba and is quite angry when we don’t move fast enough to feed his insatiable appetite. It’s all pretty darn cute.

Here are some vids of buddy’s latest buddy boy achievements and cuteness.

Sound practice:

Mad boy gets his bottle:

Then he eats and it’s cuuuute because baaabies…cuuuuute.

Cuddle practice:

And, just bein’ buddy:


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