This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

I love an opportunity to hit the reset button- new year, new week, new day, each is a chance to start anew, move forward.

It’s not that last week was bad- we had good times, my little fam.

We were just a little too busy, and sick, for my taste.

Laila caught a virus of some kind. She’s been vaccinated for flu, but it hit her like a miniature version of flu, with chills and exhaustion, plus a sore throat and a cruddy cough. She ran a fever for three days.

Eli is well over his crud flare up but is still on an antibiotic.

Anyway, with Laila buddy that sick, we quarantined her to the couch and our room. Eli has been spending the days in the playroom. Mark’s knuckles are cracked and bleeding from hand washing. We don’t wear the same clothes around Eli after hanging with Laila, because we don’t want her germs traveling around with us, gettin’ on buddy.

Laila wasn’t much up for turkey.

Mark cooked our bird, btw, and it was delish! He took control of the turkey and stuffing early on. I was happy to let go of that project. I made sides- corn pudding and brussel sprouts with prosciutto. I ran out of steam at dessert. We were full and sitting around drinking wine held more appeal than baking.

A few days after T-Day, on Saturday, I took Laila to urgent care to clear her for strep and pneumonia. She’s just got a virus, but she’ll go with me to her regular doc Monday for safe measure. She still has a little pep, and insisted on wearing a princess dress to the clinic.

In other news, I somewhat impulsively got a second job, a waitressing gig. I worked three nights last week. My sisters think I’m insane. It’s a little place in OKC that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

What can I say? Mommy’s a hustla.

Eli’s clinic visit last week went well. He’s getting nice and fat. We are crossing our fingers for no new alarmingly named bacteria in his lungs. I’ll write more later on the latest for Buddy boy. We’ve been so busy I never got the full run-down from Mark on the visit.

I’m sitting in our car now as I write this. Hustla’s got a date with Snoop Dogg Pandora. About to go for a run and burn any residual wine kcals, butter and stress.






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