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The list is 70 years old but it rings true, just like the folk legend’s lyrics.

“This land is made for you and me,” Woody Guthrie wrote. His resolutions are made for you and me, too.

He wrote a list of 33 in his notebook in 1942/43. says he called them ‘rulins. I caught the list on Facebook and took a likin’ to Woody’s style. (He was born in Oklahoma-there’s a Guthrie fest here!)

Here is the article from Business Insider.

Today I played with Laila and Eli as Woody sang his tunes on Internet radio.

I’m stealing my favorite rulins’ and applying them to my life. I’ll add a few of my own, too.

Here they are in random order since I tend to like each a lot:

No. 33, Wake up every day and fight

I like No. 1: Work more and better.

No. 15: Learn people better

Nos. 21 and 22: Bank all extra money, save dough

No. 19: Keep hope machine runnin’

No. 18: Stay glad

No. 2: Work by a schedule

No. 17: Don’t get lonesome

No. 32: Make up your mind

No. 27: Help win war — beat fascism

Nos. 28 to 31 have to do with love – I’ll just go with my own version: “Love your family.”

Here is the only one of my own I’ll add to that list, because it’s pretty complete if you ask me:

Fresh air every day or whenever possible.

What are your resolutions?

Happy 2014.

Wake up and fight

Wake up and fight


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