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We’re on the hunt for a nanny once more.

I’m sad to lose current, amazing nanny Stephanie. However, she’s a woman with goals, and that’s a good thing. Nanny S took a job in the realty field, which she is currently studying. It has health insurance. I’m sad to lose her, but totally understand.

We hate to lose you lovely nanny! But, we understand. Get 'em gurl.

We hate to lose you lovely nanny! But, we understand. Get ’em gurl.

However, that means we are looking for a nanny. We are very busy these days. I’ve found it hard to sit down and write anything.

Part of the busy entailed Eli getting sick. For the first time, he kept coughing and coughing, even though he was put on an antibiotic. We all got hit with cold after cold at the end of December and into January.

His cold probably flared up the bacteria that sticks in his lungs because of CF. So as our colds rolled on through our bodies and left, remnants of his stuck around. Last week, I took him to his clinic so he could see a specialist. They ran a number of tests, but buddy boy just had a virus. He has nothing alarming growing in his lungs. I actually did a ‘Day in the life’ string of posts on Twitter the day of our appointment – but have been too busy to compile them.

I just wanted to make a note to let everyone know Eli is fine, we’re all fine, and his cough has subsided.

Back to the nanny hunt.

With all these people coming through my home, I kind of decided I want to, ya know, hook up my house with cameras and live stream these to the Interwebs.

This is definitely not based on any issues with our current nanny – I trust her.

It’s more the fact that we’ve had trouble keeping a sitter, and my home has become a revolving door for childcare providers. I’ve been back at work since April. We are on nanny No. 5 – or id it 6 — in 9 months.

I work two jobs and a varied schedule, although part of my schedule entails some great, quality morning time during the week with my kids.

But, I miss them. I want to see them during the day. I want to see what they’re up to.

I didn’t write about this at the time it happened, but we had to fire a former nanny we had initially really trusted. I’ll call her Nanny X2. Mark came home for lunch unannounced and Nanny X2 was standing in our kitchen talking to a friend. We did not know this friend. I’ll call her Wanda. Oh, as it turns out, Wanda just swung by and entered my home to lend Nanny X2 some cash. You know, NBD. Just a stranger around my children, but, NBD. Nanny X2 assured us Wanda was all good.

Mark called me. I called Nanny X2 and lost my head, unleashing an expletive-laced verbal lashing over the phone in front of a number of entertained co-workers. I sent Mark home for the day and we canned Nanny X2.

My suspicion is that NannyX2 was just going to go out and deposit her cash from Wanda while Wanda sat in my home and watched my kids.

You know, NBD.

Then there was the original Nanny X. The one who faked a lice scare on my daughter’s birthday so she could get me home from work early and quit on the phone.

I gave that pie-eyed, swingy pony-tailed con artist extra cash and a latte before it dawned on me that she was full if shit, and I was nuthin’ but a sucker.

I never thought I was the type to nanny cam it, but, yeah, on second thought, I’m going to go ahead and hook that up.

In the mean time, it’s time for me to whip my house into a state of calm as not to scare the potential nanny coming over in a few hours.

Who’s the con artist now? I’ll try not to make it *too* clean.

I’m going to need some coffee.

Wish us luck.


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