This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Here is a day in the life with my family.


3 thoughts on “Inside one day balancing family, work, life and cystic fibrosis

  1. wanderlust42 says:

    just a word of warning about those blue bulb nasal aspirators. because you can’t get in there to dry them out after they are cleaned the residual water tends to grow mold and Pseudomonas. so they are particularly bad for CF. its the same for bath toys with holes in them. (squeaky toys or squirty toys) you might try the Nosefrida. it takes some getting used to (for both parties involved) but it is more efficient and safer to use for CF.


    1. j&m says:

      Good point – I had worried about mold in those things.


  2. Ruth Deljevic says:

    Thank you for sharing a day in the life.


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