This is Eli

A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

I try to write about money and savings Mondays, and sometimes, I even succeed.

We are continuing to save a little and knock down debt. For now, we’re doing the Dave Ramsey.

But, we are saving to live a little, too.

With our new focus on savings, we realized we need better planning for things like Christmas and birthdays.

Along those lines, there’s something to be said for vacationing close to home. It was my birthday this weekend. I turned…older. My sisters traveled to OK to visit, and I planned a mini getaway within their getaway for a little fun. To the Wichita Mountains, a federal park, and a quirky little community called Medicine Park we went.

Mark and I have cut back spending in our day to day, and we withdrew just a little from savings for a one-night vacation.

Laila was livin’ a dream. She couldn’t believe we rented a ‘cabinet.’ That’s cabin to everyone else, but we never bothered correcting her.

At one point, she reflected, noting:

“It’s not a cabinet, but, It’s home.”

My sister bought souvenirs from the park, including a book about scat and other trail markings for my poo-obsessed nephew.

Speaking of poo, Laila was more impressed with the giant buffalo poo piles punctuating the prairie than almost anything else.

Laila requested that auntie please read her “Deer Poop” before bed.

Kids can teach you a lot. Like how to be happy with scat.

Europe? Ha! We just needed a day in Medicine Park.










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