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A blog about Eli. A blog about survival – and by that, I mean life!

Eli started walking!

At first, he was moving like this tiny, cute zombie baby.

Then he got fast – tiny fast zombie babies are a little alarming.

Then he started climbing…

Then one day, I blinked, and he was up on the couch, waving my keys around like a wild baby.

A 1 year old baby likes teetering down the highway to the danger zone…to an outlet, a sharp object, water or choking hazard, whatever suits his fancy.

If buddy wants to tap dance on the mantle, he’s gonna find a way. At least, he’ll try.

It’s that time – age 1 to 2, when a little buddy just can’t be trusted and, doesn’t really ‘get’ listening to instructions and considers ‘no’ a mere suggestion.

In other Eli news, his cough subsided completely, and we are very relieved.

Then his gut started in.

Eli is more than 20 pounds but he wears the diapers of a 35- pound buddy. He wears ’em, and he fills ’em.

I guess that makes sense be side he eats something like 200 percent the kcals of a buddy his age sans CF.

But, something is wrong. Something is off with his gut.

We are going to try a new type of enzyme before he eats. He seems uncomfortable, and he is poo’ing too much. He is so ravenously hungry he had three bottles last night after we put him to bed…through about 1 am. It’s late, and it’s been a long day, and I’ll share more another day.

This stuff comes up, and we call the clinic and try to figure it out.

In fact, Eli has just woken up- I’m betting hungry, poo-y or both. I worry he is not absorbing his nutrition right.

Off to feed him, and then, sleep, glorious sleep!




One thought on “Lil update for lil buddy

  1. Tasha says:

    Pardon my ignorance. I know a lot about the genetics about cf but little about the disease itself. What are you using to feed him and why the gloves. I’m a biology student in college and your blog seemed interesting. I want to learn more about cf so I think I might follow it


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