My mother would have turned 29 today, the same age she has turned since she was, actually, 29.

But her number came up. She last turned 29 4 years ago.

I miss her a lot. It’s gotten a little easier with time.

I’d be lying if I said it was always easy. When things get tough, she’s the one person in the world I want to talk to. When something good happens, I want to tell her about it. This hasn’t changed in the 4 years since her death.

I wanted to do a little something in her honor today, but I only had the time to wear a fashionable scarf.

That’s OK. This weekend I’ll do a little more in her honor. Namely, I will not do the laundry. Mark and I are going to go out to eat a meal we did not cook. We’ll catch a movie and I’ll drink a Diet Dr. Pepper, drown popcorn in a disgusting amount of butter and just revel in the glory if it all.

I may or may not say something cheeky, point out tacky behavior, drink Chai and wear navy and riding boots. Classics. I plan to hug my kids a lot.

Xo’s to my mother, who today, would have turned 29 again.




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