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While it is insufferable to drone on about the bowel movements of one’s child, I’m going to any way.

A few weeks back, the enzymes Eli was taking to help him absorb fats seemed to have stop working properly.

I don’t know what that means for others with CF, but for my baby, it meant 5-7 poos a day, all mush, smells like actual dead rotting road kill flesh. The scent hangs in the air, sticks to his skin, makes Mark want to throw up (Weak, I’ve got the stronger stomach, ha!).

Eli’s body doesn’t absorb fat right, because his sticky mucus junked up his pancreas, wrecking it. That means if he doesn’t take enzymes he will not absorb fat, not grow, and eventually starve or succumb to assaults on his health due to a small and weakened state of being. He will basically crap out fat that he needs to grow if we don’t supplement the missing fat absorption enzymes with pills before each meal. We break them apart and spill the beads into something acidic, usually applesauce. He downs these like a champ. They are made from pig enzyme.

Without insurance, a few weeks’ supply costs something like $1,700. However, drug company programs seem to guarantee a huge discount. We have insurance and a program for Zenpep, the brand he’s used since birth, covered the co-pay. He takes antacid, too, because in addition to the absorption problems, his gut chemistry leans toward acidic. Without antacid, his poo probs worsen fast. It helped him absorb his ‘zymes.

We switched brands, trying Pertzye, about a week ago. Pertzye delivers a gut-neutralizing substance (scientific word: bicarbonate?? Need to look up, also, SP) with the enzymes.

The difference in Eli’s poo was immediate, and it was magic. We went from dead-animal mush to fully formed, closer-to-normal stinky pretty much instantly.

So that’s that! We are going to stick with the new ‘zymes. Now I’m off to work. I apologize for the likely typos here- tapping on my iPhone, no time to edit and I’ve got to run!



2 thoughts on “Magic poo

  1. Chris Ellison says:

    Julie, I’m so happy that you and Mark’s diaper changing duties will be much more tolerable and Eli’s bottom not quite so sticky/stinky. I have experienced some of those diapers and know of what you speak – and why you speak of bowel movements. Also, have to conclude these enzymes are better for Eli’s tummy. Hugs

    Sent from my iPad Christine Ellison



  2. jordanhaley says:

    I am a pertzye user as well and have had the same results. All other FDA approved enzymes make me sick to my stomach and cause unbearable cramps. But because Pertzye enzymes are coated with bicarbonate, I do not have these problems. The only downside is taking 7-8 of these babies with every single meal. I admit I’m not exactly…consistent…with this!


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