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Who doesn’t want to be skinny and rich?

Eli. He wants to be fat and wild.

Fat and wild

Fat and wild

I gleaned some tips today to help keep my tot chubby and full of energy for climbing the furniture, bein’ cheeky, swiping sissy’s toys and the like. Eli needs 1,300 calories per day to keep gaining a good amount of chub. I feel lucky; he has an appetite.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation on its Facebook page today asked for tips and tricks that have helped people with CF to maintain a healthy diet and weight. CFers need a lot more cals than the average person to maintain a healthy weight because of the way their bodies absorb nutrients.

I skimmed these ideas from the comments section on the CF Foundation’s Facebook page. Some of them I’ve tried, some off them are new to me. These are add-ons, and the majority of them would be great in combos with other foods.

Do you have any ideas to add? There are lots of kids who don’t have CF who need help gaining weight. No need to have cystic fibrosis in the fam to pass along an idea. Please share your ideas for nutritious fattening-up tricks in the comments section below, or, send me a note! If you have good recipes I’ll always take an idea!

1. Coconut oil – 117 calories per tablespoon

2. Butter – 102 calories per tablespoon

3. Heavy whipping cream – 45-50 calories per tablespoon

4. Peanut butter – 94 calories per tablespoon

5. Wheat germ – 50 calories per two tablespoons

6. Chia seeds – 80 calories per tablespoon

7. Cheddar cheese – 1 slice, about 1 ounce – 113 calories

8. Ranch dressing – 73 calories in 1 tablespoon

9. Avocado – 234 calories per avocado

10. Ovaltine – stirred into whole milk, adds 77 cals per serving.

11. Boost shakes or Scandi shakes – see links for nutritional info

12. Nutella – 100 calories per tablespoon


2 thoughts on “12 ways to fatten a toddler

  1. Sally says:

    My husband has a hard time attaining/ maintaining (we’re still on the attaining part) a healthy weight because of a different genetic condition. He was also tube fed till age 7, so he didn’t learn the hunger/ fullness cycle, and food was pretty traumatic for him, so he’s just generally uninterested.

    I’ve discovered that he’ll eat nearly anything if I cut it into two-bite pieces and give him something to dip it in. For example, give him half a ham sandwich with mayo, cheese, and mustard, and he’ll take 20 minutes and a full glass of water to get through it. Give him three plain ham and cheese sandwiches de-crusted and cut into strips, and let him dip it in equal parts mayo, mustard, and salsa, and he’ll bolt it down and then eat a banana and peanut butter.


    1. j&m says:

      Thanks! These are good tips for any person of any age with a hard time making weight and issues with the actual act of eating. My friend’s son was tube-fed this medicine that is the most fowl-smelling stuff (rotten eggs/sulphur) as an infant to clear his blocked bowel, and he also had issues with food and eating from then on out, probalby because of this horrible early experience. Best of luck!


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