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I have never claimed to be a maven off anything home and garden.

That’s never stopped me from giving it a go.

This is how I summarized our first garden attempt in an Oklahoma spring:

The little garden was a microcosm of OK natural disasters. A tree fell on it, a flood washed out half of the plants, and by the end, only a few hardy marigolds were left standing. All it needed was an ice storm, wildfire and maybe a tornado to round it out. A dustbowl would have been a nice touch.

The next year, while on maternity leave with Eli, I decided to make planters and germinate indoors in order to keep my tender seedlings safe from the cruel and unforgiving elements.

See this video I made last year along those lines:

Looking at it now, I’m like – What was I thinking? I failed to note that the mushy newspaper stained my sink, counter and dish tub. It seemed like it took weeks for those little cups to dry. And then, every last seed I placed in a quaint, Pinterest-y newspaper cup died a slow and painful death. My Pinterest account user name should be GrimReaper.

Ah well. At least my kids looked cute in the process.

Ooooh little buddy.

Eli likes the back yard

After I killed all the little seedlings, we ended up throwing down wildflower seeds and other flower seeds in the dirt. Those did well, because I wasn’t in charge. Mark took watering duties out off my hands.

It’s our third spring here – wow, time flies. We’re going the wildflower/ random pretty flower seed route this year, too.

Along the lines of food — Laila picked out carrot seeds. I’m throwing down dill, thyme, mint and basil.

Due to my green smoothie kick, I’ve developed the desire to freeze fresh herbs into little ice cubes for use in future smoothies or quaint infused waters. I’ve got wild fantasies. I’m pure rock n roll.

Thus far, we’ve pulled weeds and tilled our rough n tumble backyard dirt patch. This garden’ll really gussy up the dead tree.

I am taking tips on gardening in unforgiving Oklahoma elements. What plants have you sprouted in the red dirt to fancy up the yard? How does your garden grow? No, seriously, how does it grow?

Maybe *next year* we’ll try a raised bed. I lack the energy even to Google it at this point.

And so, that concludes my first week of a blog a day in May. I chose to write along the lines of food and mostly stuck to it. This was a hard week for any kind of side project, because at work, I finished this:

A project

A project

And then I had a glass of wine.

Today we played in dirt. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. I will be drinking a chai and getting a pedicure in honor of my mom. I might also try to tell someone off 20 minutes after the fact when they are no longer around. Xo’s to Gayle!

Gayle, kickin' it from the great beyond since 2010. She's got your back 24/7.

Gayle, kickin’ it from the great beyond since 2010. She’s got your back 24/7.

I believe my theme next week will be: exercise and therapy. Thanks for reading.


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