A thank you note from Eli

I’m not too shabby at saying thanks, but I’m terrible at putting notes, or anything, in the mail.

Come to think of it I’m across-the-board behind in this finer detail of polite social behavior – birthday cards and gifts, thoughtful notes…all of it. I’m sorry, everyone who is close to me. These will come your way in a minimum of six months-ish.

I want to pass along a public note of thanks for all our aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, cousins and friends walking in support of Eli and the cause to cure cystic fibrosis around the country. We’re a tiny contingent here in OKC, but we’ve got support all across the land.

Uncle Steve raised a pile of cash by telling his family he’d walk backwards if the donations hit a certain level. And so, they did, and he did.

Nice one, Steve.

Uncle Steve reverses
Uncle Steve reverses
Mitten buddies support the cause.
Mitten buddies support the cause.

I hope this week to write a little about our fledgling attempts to keep Eli’s lungs fit. Exercises is important for people with CF so they can keep lungs nice and healthy. Eli’s only just begun stumbling around, and thus, we’re just learning about all of this, too. I’ve been chasing him around like a crazy monster to get him riled up, running and laughing. He doesn’t get it and runs toward me and hugs me when I’m being scary.

Also, Eli’s quarterly appointment at his CF clinic is Wednesday. The clinic sent me a few ideas to get started on physio – which I think is how the British describe exercise? Yeah? No? It just sounds better, physio.

In the mean time, I busted my knee training for a marathon. I was hoping this injury was just a figment of my imagination, but alas, it’s sticking around. I’ve caved and made an appointment with the doctor to see why it’s crunching, popping and misbehaving, leaving me lowdown busted and not to be trusted. I miss running. So much I’ve resorted to rhyming.

Anyhow, thanks again, family and friends, for walking on Eli’s behalf!

Until we meet again!

Uncle Steve gets goofy
Uncle Steve gets goofy
The crew in St. Lou.
The crew in St. Lou.

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