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run eli run

run eli run

Good evening.

I’d like to share a list of ideas I got from Eli’s Cystic Fibrosis clinic here in OKC for tot exercises to benefit little buddy.

And, note to self: find Rocky Balboa-inspired sweatsuit in 18-24 months.

Exercise is good for us all, but it’s extra important for people with CF. There are a lot of ideas I hadn’t thought of, and a number of them wrapped up in playin’ that we do already. As we say around here: “Run ’em.”

We run the buddies around here as much as we can. Inside, outside, etc. That way, less boredom. More runnin and less runnin and gunnin’ for each others’ toys. Added side benefits include tired kids who go to bed and a general reduction in mayhem. As it turns out, it’s also good for Eli’s lungs.

I am so tired right now I can hardly string this sentence together. A few lines and a pdf will have to do tonight. I’m excited to see how Eli is doing at his clinic appointment tomorrow and, as always, hopeful that there is nothing alarming growing in his lungs. I’ll ask Dr. Royall more about the connection between Eli’s health and his moves. . Thanks for reading.

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