Holy matrimony, Batman

I am the hipster sea witch. In case there was any doubt.

Laila awoke Sunday and reminded me:

“I’m going to marry Batman today, mommy!”

So, it wasn’t just a 4-year old’s ramblings. This was happening.

The bride and bouquet
The bride and bouquet

It was to be a backyard wedding. The dead tree provided a magnificent, though stark, backdrop. An intimate number of guests included Kitty, Tiny blue monster, Mikashina, the baby, and Girl, who is invisible. Eli, of course, took a seat in the front row.

The guests
The guests

Flanked by the tree and our fledgling wild flower garden, Laila walked down the aisle. The bride wore a neon Osh Kosh B’gosh top, vintage Crocs, a winter-inspired headpiece sporting a single snowflake on a spring, and a pink tulle skirt. She carried a wildflower, it’s roots dangling, as if to make a statement on sustainability. The groom wore a mask and cape.

Next, the ceremony, officiated by a hipster sea witch with odd hair.

After vows, a hug.

Dancing commenced. There were chips and pretzels, an ode to backyard kitsch. The witch produced a bottle of poison, sprinkled on bride, groom and guests, who immediately exhibited symptoms not compatible with life.

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Another turn. Eli, wielding a bubble wand, let out a breath with the strength of 19 Nor’easters and the magic of 17 Harry Potters. His bubbles floated upon the witch, bride, groom and guests.

His magic bubbles will save us!
His magic bubbles will save us!

The witch fell to the ground, cackling all the way, and froze in a death pose.

mllleeeh I'm dead
mllleeeh I’m dead

The bride, groom and guests sprang to life and nonchalantly continued to enjoy chips and pretzels.

Holy matrimony, Batman.

The end.

Not insane. Just a parent. I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear…..

Look away, nothing to see here….

Oh keep reading who cares.

OK – I’ve been trying to write a post each day this month. I got behind, ’cause ya know, holiday, laundry. Ah well. I need to do a little info gathering for the next few posts, which I would like to be on the new science that will help Eli’s disease.

Our weekend can otherwise summed up in: we cleaned the house. Well, one of us cleaned while the other played with the little ones. We alternated. Whew! We’re worn out. We need a holiday! Right, just had one.

I’ve been making a bigger point to run the buddies around each and every day and play breathing games with Eli. He is obsessed with bubbles.

In other news, when Laila is not spinning weird Batman wedding scenarios in which a sea witch “deads” her man, she practices yoga. I figured out how to run You Tube through the PS3. There is this great You Tube series called Cosmic Kids Yoga with a jolly British woman who excels at teaching kid yoga. Laila loves it. Here is Laila being quite zen:


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