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Dear Whoopi,

Hey Whoopi hey. How’s it going?

I realize this is a one-way conversation with the Internet in this moment. Yeah…I have no idea how to get a hold of a publicist for a star so big.

Doesn’t matter.

I just wanted to say:

Whoopi Goldberg, I’m so proud of you!

That’s all for now.



I’m proud of Whoopi because she quit smoking.

She has battled a variety of addictions throughout her life, including smoking cigarettes. She picked up cigs at 12. It’s a bad habit she has never been able to kick.

A moment changed that.

She visited the Dr. Oz show to talk about the moment that galvanized her decision to quit. Here’s what Dr. Oz had to say about it.

She saw a video from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation about two young children, Keith and Kennedy, who suffer from a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis (CF) causes thick mucus to collect in the lungs, which makes it incredibly difficult to breathe. Though treatments have improved over the past several decades, this difficult disease is still incurable, and most people with CF don’t live past their 30s.

I watched this video once, too, when Eli was still a baby. It made me cry. Of course it did…
Here it is:

At one point the little boy says: “I just want to breathe like a normal person.”

This is Whoopi’s response:

“This kid. You don’t think about the stuff you take for granted…what I can do is pay respect to what you want to be able to do that I do every day with no problem. That was the only thing that stopped me. I went on to Twitter. I just saw this kid. I’m going to try to stop smoking, if anyone wants to do it with me, let me know.”

Oz relays:

It’s not hard to see why Whoopi was inspired by these strong, brave children. After she heard Keith say that what he wishes for most is a cure for CF, she knew that even if she couldn’t cure his disease or give him a new pair of lungs, the least she could do was stop hurting her own. In that moment, she put a stop to decades of dangerous smoke inhalation and sent her body on the way to recovery.

You can do it!

You can do it!

If anyone out there needs a reason to quit smoking, would you consider doing like Whoopi?

I could preach all day about how unfair it is that my son will have to fight his whole life to stay healthy while people born with healthy lungs ruin themselves with trashy, stinky, expensive, disgusting cancer sticks. I could go on and on and on and on…It bugs me.

Yeah, I get it. Your health is yours to ruin.

Don’t tread on me Smoke ring smoke ring puff puff puff middle finger mleeeeh.

It’s yours to preserve, too.

Whoopi was inspired to quit ruining her once healthy lungs. She was inspired because Keith, Kennedy and Eli will have to fight to breathe their whole lives.

Would anyone else out there in the Interwebs consider quitting the cigs in honor of little CFer people like Eli, Keith and Kennedy?

That’d make me wanna swing from a chandelier.

If you are feeling that challenge, will you comment below? Will you let us know how it’s going? Will you tell me more about the tough addiction to nicotine and what’s been behind it? When did you start? Why? What has stopped you from quitting? If you’re really into it, I could help to tell your story and keep you accountable, weeee! I tried to make that sound fun, did it work? I’m all for lung health, CF or none.

I know this time will be different.

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.

Plus Dr. Oz says you’ll have better orgasms. uh…Spare me the details, thx.

How to quit.

How fast the body recovers from smoking.


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